#99 — May 3, 2019

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now dev: It's Serverless, But On localhost — The popular Now platform has released a tool that enables developers to easily develop against their platform locally.


Amazon S3 Batch Operations: A New Way to Launch Batch Jobs for Large Numbers of S3 Objects — A way to do things with a large number of S3 objects at the same time. For example, you can invoke an AWS Lambda on each one. Certainly a new and interesting way to trigger lambdas on existing assets.

Jeff Barr (AWS)

Get the Fastest Website Deployments. Get Started Free — Unlike most Continuous Integration (CI) solutions, Buddy only re-builds the parts of your application that have changed and deploys your updates in seconds to any cloud. Start building better Serverless apps faster with Buddy.

Buddy sponsor

How AWS X-Ray's New Analytics Feature Can Benefit Your Serverless Apps — AWS X-Ray is a tracing service for debugging microservices and its new Analytics feature makes it even better when you want to instrument and analyze how your serverless functions are operating (or not).

Eyal Avni

Building Serverless Pipelines with Amazon CloudWatch Events — The host of the Think Faas podcast is a guest over at AWS’s news blog explaining how CloudWatch Events is “the best-kept secret in serverless event processing” given how easy it is to get a fully managed event pipe up and running.

Forrest Brazeal

Serverless Automation using PowerShell Preview in Azure Functions — Microsoft has announced a preview release of PowerShell support in Azure Functions. A big deal as many companies in the MS/Azure ecosystem use PowerShell for automating operational tasks and using Functions could help push that a stage further.

Eamon O'Reilly (Azure)

How Far Out is AWS Fargate?Fargate is AWS’s service for running containers without managing servers (or clusters) and while AWS doesn’t bill it as in the ‘serverless’ realm, ultimately serverless concepts have had a huge inspiration. Michael compares it to Lambda here.

Michael Lavers


How AWS Lambdas Can Have Shared State — Step Functions allow lambdas to share state without involving DynamoDB or any other data storage service.

Obie Fernandez

Building an Serverless E-Commerce System on Now — A neat look at bringing together a whole bunch of technologies (Node, Next.js, MongoDB Atlas, Passport) to create a simple serverless e-commerce system for ZEIT’s Now serverless platform.


Serverless 'Not Hotdog': Building A Serverless Image Classifier — ..using fast.ai, AWS Sagemaker (a machine learning service) and Lambda.

Peter Vanhee

Getting Up and Running with Aurora Serverless — If you want a fast, MySQL or Postgres compatible database on AWS, Aurora is a great choice, but if you want it on demand, Aurora Serverless takes it that one step further. This is a reasonable tour of the fundamentals.

Manish Pandit

Unit Testing Workers, in Cloudflare Workers — How to generate a Cloudflare Worker compatible test harness which can execute Mocha unit tests directly in the production Cloudflare environment.

The Cloudflare Blog