#98 — April 26, 2019

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▶  Testing & Deployment Best Practices for AWS Lambda Apps — An Amazon tech talk that deftly covers the entire background to AWS Lambda, building serverless functions, through to practical considerations of Lambda-based tooling and deployment practices. This is a really neat AWS Lambda primer.

Chris Munns

5 Common Misconceptions About Serverless in 2019 — Serverless is all about functions, it’s a new frontier, a security nightmare, super cheap, and.. oh, no, it’s none of these things 😂

Gracie Gregory (Stackery)

Intro to Serverless Computing with AWS Lambda — Serverless computing: what it is, why it's disruptive to cloud computing, and how you might use it in Java-based programming.

Turbonomic sponsor

▶  Discussing OpenFaaS with Alex Ellis — An extensive podcast interview with Alex Ellis, the founder of OpenFaaS, a framework for running serverless functions with Docker and Kubernetes.

The Changelog podcast

▶  An Intro to Project Riff, a FaaS Built on Top of Knative — Running Kubernetes in production still gives you a lot of ops-work to do, but Knative provides components to build serverless (i.e. ops-less) solutions on top of it. Riff provides an event driven FaaS platform on top of Knative.

Eric Bottard

From Poll to Push: Transform APIs using Amazon API Gateway REST APIs and WebSockets — I’ve been playing with API Gateway’s new(ish) WebSockets support and it opens up some really neat architectural patterns, as seen here.

Adam Westrich (AWS)

On AO.com's Path to 'Serverless First' — AO.com is a large European electronics retailer and they’ve gone ‘serverless first’ after being impressed with the benefits of serverless architecture.

Nick Gottlieb (Serverless, Inc.)

Deploying AWS Lambda functions using AWS CloudFormation (The Portable Way) — AWS Lambda requires code to be deployed in an Amazon S3 bucket in the same AWS Region as the Lambda function meaning things can get tricky when creating portable AWS CloudFormation templates.

Amazon Web Services

Enterprise Guide to Cloud Databases — This eBook is designed to help business decision makers understand what’s under the hood when it comes to cloud database technology.

Percona sponsor

Scaling Skip: Serverless Architectures — High level thoughts on how the serverless approach has made it possible for one company to scale with a relatively small team of engineers.

Skip Scooters

Laconia 1.0: A Framework for Building Node.js Serverless Functions — Aims to protect you from “the friction of serverless development by providing consistent architectural patterns and developer experience.” It leans heavily on hexagonal architecture, the idea of isolating logic from outside concerns.

Wisen Tanasa


Use Docker and AWS Lambda Together? A Layered Approach — Rather than think about technologies like Docker or AWS Lambda as opposing, mutually exclusive systems, you can have the best of every world by using each technology in the right place.

Vijay Balasubramaniam

Create and Deploy Python Source Code to Azure Functions — A fresh tutorial in the VS Code docs.

Visual Studio Code

How to Build and Integrate a Serverless React App with Crowdbotics and AWS Amplify — A pretty extensive tutorial that focuses on using Crowdbotics’ tools and platform.

Aman Mittal

The Rapid Development of Serverless Chatbots with Cloudflare Workers and Workers KV

Steven Pack (Cloudflare)