#100 — May 10, 2019

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🎉 In the office we've been debating whether to celebrate issue 100 or our 2 year anniversary.. but what about both? 😂 Thanks for all of your support, and, wow, how things have changed since the nearly empty first issue(!)

Serverless Status
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A Preview of Azure SQL Database Serverless — Last week we looked at how Microsoft is taking Azure SQL Database to the ‘edge’, now it’s going serverless too.


How Azure Functions is Advancing the Serverless Developer Experience — Reflections on some of the recent things the Azure Functions team are doing to make the serverless developer experience better on their platform, from including their premium plan and PowerShell support to taking Azure Functions to Kubernetes and improved management tools.

Eduardo Laureano (Microsoft)

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6 Lessons Learnt Sending High Volumes of Emails with AWS Lambda — For those new to serverless architectures, here’s an interesting look into what went wrong, what went right, and what ‘went random’.

Austin Huminski

Awesome Serverless: A Curated List of Serverless Resources — OK, we know this newsletter is already a curated list of serverless resources, but this list is a pretty neat one stop shop for a variety of useful links if you want them in one place.

Philipp Muens

“I'm growing increasingly concerned about the Serverless conversation. It's starting to diverge from "interesting pattern" to "the Way and the Light for All Software," and the religious aspects are worrying.”

Corey Quinn, the editor of Last Week in AWS.

It's Time to Upgrade Your Node 6-Based AWS Lambda Functions — Node 6 was a popular runtime on AWS Lambda in the early days, so if you still have some Node 6 functions lurking around, you need to get upgrading because Node has reached its ‘End of Life’. Upgrading to Node 10 will buy you till at least 2021 😄

Liz Parody

🚛 The 'Serverless Shift' in 4 points

And if you click through to Paul's tweet, he breaks each of these points down.

📝 Tutorials

Using CloudWatch and AWS Lambda to Implement Ad-Hoc Scheduling — Create your own serverless cron-like system using DynamoDB to store the tasks, a CloudWatch schedule to run frequently, and a Lambda function to find and execute the tasks.

Yan Cui

How to Build a HTTP Proxy in Haskell on AWS Lambda — Haskell is not a language we frequently get to cover in the serverless context so it’s nice to see it here.

Chris Bacon

Developing Serverless Apps Locally with serverless-cloudside-plugin — A new plugin for the Serverless Framework for using AWS CloudFormation intrinsic functions to reference cloud resources during local development. In short, this helps make the local vs production development situation a lot easier to manage if you use Serverless Framework and CloudFormation. (BTW, Jeremy runs a pretty neat serverless newsletter of his own.)

Jeremy Daly

🤡 Not really, but..

... and with that, have a nice weekend! 😂