#93 — March 22, 2019

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I don't often butt in to recommend a particular item, but this week's featured article on how Comic Relief went serverless is a neat and not commonly shared example of a high profile event using serverless technologies in anger, and is worth a few minutes of your time 😁

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— Peter Cooper, your editor

The Journey to 90%(ish) Serverless at Comic ReliefComic Relief is a huge fundraising effort that mostly targets poverty overseas. This case study looks at how they moved from a containerized, EC2-based approach to an almost fully serverless approach and is a great example of using serverless in a very high throughput, high profile scenario.

Adam Clark

Progress Named a Strong Performer in Forrester Wave — Progress scores high in mobile apps, web user experience, UX & AI dev in Forrester eval.

Progress Kinvey sponsor

Building a Useful Serverless Site From Scratch with Go — This tutorial brings a lot of ideas together, and uses AWS S3, API Gateway, AWS Lambda, along with Terraform to deploy everything.

Roger Welin

AWS Config Adds Support for Amazon API Gateway — The TLDR is this lets you track and audit changes to API Gateway configurations which could be handy (or even a legal requirement) in your business environment.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Lamby: Getting Ruby on Rails on AWS Lambda with SAM — It’s early days for this project, and after tweeting with Ken, it seems he’s busy at work making it better, but anything that makes it easier to work with Ruby both serverlessly and on AWS is good in my book. The project is here.

Ken Collins

Bringing Realtime to Serverless Web Applications — AWS IoT and MQTT can be used to push real-time messages around an application, even if the “Internet of Things” is nowhere to be seen.

James Beswick

Serverless Computing with AWS Lambda — Learn how to integrate Lambda functions with DynamoDB. Use the AWS SDK to invoke Lambda functions.

Turbonomic sponsor

Build a Voting Website That Doesn’t Crash Under Load — Inspired by the problems faced by the UK government’s e-petitions site, a developer demonstrates that serverless is better when it comes to spiky traffic and unpredictable loads.

James Beswick

How do You Structure Your Code When Moving Your API from Express to Serverless Functions? — A look at an approach for structuring serverless functions on Azure.

John Papa

Serverless Go APIs in 60 Seconds — A quick illustration of deploying Go apps as-is to a production-ready environment using Apex Up.

TJ Holowaychuk