#92 — March 15, 2019

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Visualizing Cold Starts — One day ‘cold starts’ of serverless functions will be a thing of the past, but for now it’s interesting to see a visualization of them.

Mikhail Shilkov

7 Things You Should Know When Getting Started with Serverless APIs — VS Code, JavaScript and Azure-oriented answers to some of the earliest questions you might have about building simple serverless APIs. For beginners, but it’s good.

Simona Cotin

Build & Deploy Serverless Apps on a Global Cloud Network — Learn how to start writing serverless APIs in JavaScript, and reserve a custom subdomain for your next project.

Cloudflare Workers sponsor

How to Roll Your Own Analytics System — A really neat walkthrough of the idea of building your own basic Web analytics system using React, AWS Lambda, and storing the results in Google Sheets.

PC Maffey

How to Create a Scalable Image Processing Service on AWS Lambda and API Gateway in 10 Minutes — One of those thorough, step by step tutorials for you to follow along with. You’ll need to follow fast for it to be 10 minutes though..

Rainer Selvet

ZEIT Adds First-Class Support for Deploying Serverless Rust Functions — Complete with an example you can build and deploy yourself.


Maintaining Global State in AWS Lambda Functions with Async Hooks — An intriguing look at how Node’s experimental Async Hooks API can be used to support global state within AWS Lambda functions (in a truly unsupported, experimental fashion, we must note).

Colin Eberhardt

How to Test Serverless Apps — How you should think about testing a serverless application, from testing the functions locally to unit, integration, and acceptance testing.

Yan Cui (Epsagon)

New Microsoft Azure Elastic Agent Plugin for GoCD — Run your CI/CD pipelines on Azure virtual machines. Let GoCD scale up on-demand agents based on your needs.

GoCD sponsor

How to Build a Member App using Facial Recognition and the Serverless Framework — Using AWS Rekognition and AWS Lambda via the Serverless Framework to build a scalable member management system to replace membership cards.

James Beswick

Building A Python-Powered Data Pipeline with AWS S3, Lambda and DynamoDB

Yi Ai

gRPC to AWS Lambda: Is it Possible? — Coinbase has been experimenting with using AWS Lambda with gRPC as part of its drive towards a more service-oriented architecture. Is it even possible? Only ‘sort of’..

Paul Henry (Coinbase)

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Yan Cui joins Forrest to unpack the idea of FinDev. What should the finance department and the engineering org have in common, and why is serverless a catalyst for this transformation?

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