#91 — March 8, 2019

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▶  Five Things About Azure Functions — A fun 4 minute video with the senior PM of Azure Functions (@jeffhollan) covering five reasons to check out Azure’s Functions serverless platform.

John Papa and Jeff Hollan

How a Monolith Architecture Can Be Transformed into Serverless — A lot of tutorials focus on building serverless apps from scratch, but what about the more realistic case of slotting serverless approaches into existing, monolithic apps? Kyle shares his thoughts.

Kyle Galbraith

Using Open Source TICK Stack to Spin Up a Modern Monitoring System — Our applications speak, and time series is one of their languages. This post shows what InfluxData and the community is building to provide a modern and flexible monitoring toolkit based on an open-source set of projects.

InfluxData sponsor

How to Configure and Connect to AWS Aurora's Serverless MySQL Database — A 10 minute tutorial on configuring and connecting to AWS’s serverless MySQL database system. (Serverless, in this context, basically means an automatically scaling pay-as-you-go database.)

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Build Real-time Serverless Apps with Azure SignalR Service — How to build a real-time, collaborative canvas using Azure Functions and Azure SignalR Service (SignalR is a .NET technology for sending async notifications to client-side web apps).

Anthony Chu

Building Serverless Apps with Components from the AWS Serverless Application Repository — The AWS Serverless Application Repository contains open-source, serverless components that are searchable and deployable with customizable parameters and predefined licensing.

Aleksandar Simovic

Fix GLIBCXX Errors from Serverless Framework and AWS Lambda — Learn how to resolve GLIBCXX errors and those relating to libstdc++ when deploying AWS Lambda functions.

Nic Raboy

Sending Funny GIFs using Amazon's IoT Button and AWS Lambda — One of those fun weekend projects we all wish we had more time for!


Why I, A Serverless Developer, Don’t Care About Your Containers“Here lies the paradox of serverless platforms: Yes, there are servers, containers, and probably even Kubernetes underneath; but the better job the platform provider does, the less the developer will actually see or care about any of it.”

Lars Trieloff

🎥 AMA with the Creators of Video.js, Zencoder and Demuxed — Ask us anything around video, building video apps, how video works, or how to build a product people love.

Mux sponsor

Deploying Cloudflare Workers with GitHub Actions — Want to automatically deploy Workers directly from a GitHub repository? Now you can with their official GitHub Action (that also uses the Serverless Framework).

The Cloudflare Blog

MQLess: Build Powerful Stateful Apps on AWS Lambda — A lightweight actor model framework on top of AWS Lambda.