#85 — January 25, 2019

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img2lambda: A Container to AWS Lambda Layers Image Converter Tool — img2lambda repackages container images into AWS Lambda layers so they can be used across Lambda functions easily.

Amazon Web Services Labs

Functional TypeScript: A Standard for Solid Serverless Functions — Create type-safe serverless functions where you just write normal TypeScript functions and validation, HTTP, and other issues are handled for you. Generates docs for you and supports all major providers too.

Travis Fischer

Secure and Accelerate Your Cloud Storage — Use Cloudflare Workers to cache content while still preventing unwanted access with HMAC and JSON Web Tokens.

Cloudflare Workers sponsor

Introducing Architect 5.0 with Fully Serverless WebSocketsArchitect is a toolkit for declaratively defining the pieces of more complex serverless apps, and it now supports API Gateway’s support for WebSockets. Hello realtime serverless compute.

Brian Leroux

Image Resizing with Go and Cloud Functions — The ‘Hello World’ of serverless applications done with Go.

Adil H

How to Go Serverless with Express.js using Now 2Now is ZEIT’s serverless platform and well suited for Node.js apps.

Tejas Kumar and Matheus Fernandes

Building and Deploying a Ruby Slack Bot on AWS Lambda — This step-by-step tutorial 'lambda-fies' a Sinatra app.

Mutually Human

▶  Running Azure Functions from Azure Data Factory Pipelines

Channel 9

Building an Elixir Runtime for AWS Lambda — AWS Lambda recently gained support for custom runtimes and fans of less mainstream languages have rushed in to fill the gaps and get their preferred languages running on Lambda.

Arjan Molenaar

Serverless Containers with Azure Kubernetes Service Using Virtual Nodes

Microsoft Azure sponsor

aws-lambda-rust-runtime 0.2 Released: A Rust runtime for AWS Lambda — Rust is a fantastic, high performance, systems-oriented language and this is a key step forward for its AWS Lambda runtime.

Amazon Web Services Labs

Refunc: A Kubernetes Native Serverless Platform — Embrace the serverless ecosystem with an AWS Lambda compatible API and runtimes but that runs anywhere with Kubernetes.


create-cloudflare-worker: A Starter Kit for Building a Cloudflare Worker

Tejas Dinkar (Quintype)