#84 — January 18, 2019

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You're Thinking About Serverless Costs All Wrong — In the past year there have been a few articles warning us that serverless costs can escalate quickly, but Yan Cui thinks a lot of less obvious elements of cost are being ignored and that serverless ultimately presents a good deal.

Yan Cui

Go Now Supported on Google Cloud Functions — Go joins Node and Python as supported languages on Google’s serverless platform and answer to AWS Lambda. Here’s some quick-start docs and a really well produced 3 minute video introduction.

Google Cloud Blog

N|Solid for AWS Lambda: Low-Impact Monitoring for Serverless Node.js Apps — The N|Solid runtime is now available as a Layer for AWS Lambda users.

NodeSource sponsor

How To Use SNS and SQS to Distribute and Throttle Events — SNS distributing events to SQS is a powerful AWS serverless microservice pattern. This post shows how to create subscriptions, add filters, and throttle events.

Jeremy Daly

AWS's 'In Case You Missed It' Serverless Report for Q4 2018 — A recap of announcements/blog posts/live steams/etc related to AWS re:Invent 2018 and AWS Lambda. We’ve covered most of these stories but this is a good catchup.

Amazon Web Services

Full-Stack Development in the Era of Serverless Computing — A high level, Web developer-focused look at how serverless technologies are changing what it means to be a full-stack developer.

Nader Dabit

Spin Up a Continuous Delivery Server in Less Than 5 Minutes — Trying out CD tools can take some time, so the GoCD team created a quick start option for new users. Try now.

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▶  AWS Lambda Quickstart: Running A AWS Lambda Function in 10 Minutes — A concise tutorial on creating a Lambda function that writes data to DynamoDB.

Cloud Path

▶  How Serverless Platforms are Changing to Enable New Applications — A talk originally presented at Serverless Computing London in November 2018 that covers both serverless ideas generally and Cloudflare’s approach with its Cloudflare Workers service. Note: Audio isn’t great.

Zack Bloom (Cloudflare)

Type Definitions for using TypeScript with Azure Functions

Microsoft Azure code