#83 — January 11, 2019

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Scaling Azure Functions to Make 500,000 Requests in Under 3 Minutes — The story (and code) behind one engineer’s solution for querying a weather.com API 500,000 times (yes, legitimately) every 15 minutes using Azure Functions.

David Barkol

Injecting Chaos to AWS Lambda Functions using Lambda Layers“how to deploy a small chaos engineering experiment using Lambda Layers to conduct latency injection attacks to Lambda functions.” This is the sort of stuff you need to be thinking about if you want to make your functions truly resilient.

Adrian Hornsby

Serverless Web Hosting. $50 in Free Credits to NorthStack — NorthStack™ is managed application hosting built on a modern serverless AWS stack. Deploy vanilla or headless WordPress, Node, or static sites with ease. CPU, DB, Data Transfer, and Disk are independently metered and elastically autoscale.

NorthStack by Pagely sponsor

Amazon API Gateway Announces Service Level Agreement — Commonly used to expose AWS Lambda functions directly to the world, Amazon’s API Gateway now has a 99.95% SLA.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Building AWS Lambdas for Real World using Ruby and Serverless Framework — Another tutorial about the new Ruby support in AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework. This one is very complete, including testing and logging considerations.

Jalerson Lima

Adding Serverless Functions to Your Netlify Static Site — Netlify is an increasingly popular static site hosting platform that has an AWS Lambda-powered serverless functions component.

Raymond Camden

Using API Gateway WebSockets with the Serverless Framework“We built a plugin to let you use API Gateway WebSockets with the Serverless Framework, even in advance of CloudFormation support!”

Jared Short (Serverless, Inc.)

Monitor AWS Lambda Usage and Performance — Track latency and errors for all your functions, and send custom metrics to Datadog with minimal instrumentation. Try Datadog free.

Datadog sponsor

▶  Python on Azure: Running Serverless Django Apps with Azure Functions

Carlton Gibson and Nina Zakharenko

Error Handling in AWS Lambda With Wrappers

Yan Cui

A Fairy Tale of F# and Durable Functions — Explaining some concepts using Santa as a hypothetical user of serverless technologies.

Mikhail Shilkov

FFmpeg, SOX, Pandoc and RSVG for AWS Lambda — Manipulate video, sound files, SVG images and text documents in Lambda functions, with just a few lines of code thanks to these Lambda Layers versions of popular dependencies.

Gojko Adzic

Jets: A Serverless Framework for Rubyists

Tung Nguyen