#86 — February 1, 2019

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serverless status

▶  Serverless Beyond the 'Hype' — A broad talk that digs into what ‘hype’ there really is around serverless approaches, the lay of the serverless land, and the role Kubernetes has to play in hosting serverless functions without vendor lock-in.

Alex Ellis (VMware)

FunctionShield: An AWS Lambda Security Library — A free library (though you do have to sign up to get it) providing extra security for functions hosted on AWS Lambda, by way of disabling various functions that aren’t needed.


N|Solid for AWS Lambda: Low-Impact Monitoring for Serverless Node.js Apps — The N|Solid runtime is now available as a Layer for AWS Lambda users.

NodeSource sponsor

NoSQL for the Serverless Age: Google's Cloud Firestore Goes GA — Google’s Cloud Firestore database is a serverless NoSQL solution for mobile and web app development and is now generally available globally in 13 locations.

Google Cloud Blog

Not So FaaS: 4 Situations That Serverless Doesn't Suit“FaaS is a powerful paradigm, and it can drastically simplify the way developers build and run cloud applications. But, as with all things in technology, it has trade-offs and is not the right solution for every problem.”

Yan Cui

Going Serverless with Rust and API Gateway — As of quite recently, it’s now possible to run Rust programs on AWS Lambda - this post is a tutorial running through the process with a basic example.

Michael Habib

Running Jenkins Pipelines in AWS Lambda — A look at a AWS Lambda function to run Jenkins pipelines.

Carlos Sanchez

AWS Lambda and Python Boto3: To Bundle or Not Bundle With Your Function — In your Python AWS Lambda functions, what’s the best practice for handling your Boto3 dependencies? And, are you getting it wrong?

Tom McLaughlin

Debugging Netlify Function Errors with Sentry — Netlify Functions is an AWS Lambda-powered serverless platform for users of Netlify’s static hosting service.

HTTP Toolkit

Use The Lead Time Metric to Improve Your CI/CD Process — GoCD’s latest CD metrics blog will guide you on how to identify bottlenecks and improve your CI/CD process.

GoCD sponsor

▶  Processing Financial Indexes at Scale with a Serverless, Globally Distributed Architecture — A brief 6 minute stack tour in AWS’s latest outing of its This Is My Architecture series.

Bernie Thurston (Ultumus)

Cloudflare Introduces the Cache API for Workers — One for Cloudflare users only but an interesting development nonetheless that provides users of its serverless ‘JavaScript at the edge’ Workers platform with more control over content caching.

Jon Levine (Cloudflare)

IFTO: A Simple Debugging Module for AWS Lambda Timeouts — It’s hard to debug things when you get an error message like “Task timed out after 2.00 seconds” but IFTO can help. Written in TypeScript.

Ruwan Pradeep Geeganage