#80 — December 7, 2018

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Real-Time Serverless with API Gateway WebSockets and AWS Lambda — AWS has announced WebSockets support for API Gateway (coming soon, it’s not GA yet), and the serverless community got pretty excited as it opens up a promising new pattern for serverless development.

Jared Short

Azure Functions Gets Better for Python and JavaScript Developers — Microsoft’s serverless platform now lets you write functions in Python and JavaScript function devs can now orchestrate workflows with Durable Functions.

Daria Grigoriu (Microsoft)

Secure and Accelerate Your Cloud Storage — Use Cloudflare Workers to cache content while still preventing unwanted access with HMAC and JSON Web Tokens.

Cloudflare Workers sponsor

DynamoDB On-Demand: When, Why and How to Use It In Serverless Apps — Last week AWS announced an ‘on-demand’ serverless-style billing model for its DynamoDB key-value database service, but does this make it more suited for use with other serverless apps?

Alex DeBrie

Building an API with Ruby and the Serverless Framework — Now that AWS Lambda supports Ruby, you can use the popular Serverless Framework toolkit to build and deploy your functions in a structured way.

Jared Short

Low-Cost Rate Limiting for Azure Functions APIs with API Management’s Consumption Tier

John Downs

▶  Building Serverless Apps for Azure from Visual Studio Code — A 7 minute overview of local Azure Functions development and the capabilities of the tooling for building, debugging, and deployment.

Asavari Tayal

A Crash Course on Building APIs with Lambda and Aurora Serverless — How to hook up a MySQL database to a serverless API by using Aurora Serverless, AWS’s new on-demand database service.

Adnan Rahić

Free eBook: Actionable Continuous Delivery Metrics — This eBook provides you insight into your CD pipeline & helps you to improve your CD process with metrics.

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Building Serverless Python Apps Using AWS Chalice — Chalice is a Python framework built by Amazon Web Services.

Saurabh Sharma

A Rust Runtime for AWS Lambda — Built around Lambda’s new Runtime API approach to allowing any language to run on Lambda, AWS has open sourced a runtime for the Rust language.

Stefano Buliani (AWS)

A Practical Serverless Security Workshop — If you want to learn about how to understand and improve the security of your serverless apps, this hands-on and self-paced learning material will appeal to you.

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