#81 — December 14, 2018

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Security Considerations for AWS Lambda Runtime API and Layers — The recently announced AWS Lambda Layers and the Runtime API are huge steps forward for Amazon’s serverless platform, but they may also impact on your AWS Lambda security posture.

Ory Segal (PureSec)

Getting Started with the Haskell AWS Lambda Runtime — The recent release of the Runtime API for AWS Lambda opened up the opportunity for all languages to work on the popular serverless platform and now there’s an option for users of Haskell, a well-known functional language.

Nick Tchayka

Secure and Accelerate Your Cloud Storage — Use Cloudflare Workers to cache content while still preventing unwanted access with HMAC and JSON Web Tokens.

Cloudflare Workers sponsor

Serverless Computing: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back? — An introduction to a new academic paper that critiques the state of serverless computing and hopes to “start a constructive discussion on how to expose the right programming APIs and runtimes for the cloud.”

Hellerstein, Faleiro, Gonzalez, et al.

Build a Serverless Twitter Reader using AWS Fargate — Most people think of Lambda when it comes to AWS and serverless, but Fargate is an interesting service that lets you run containers without managing servers and so operates at a different level to Lambda’s function oriented approach.

Raja Mani and Luis Pineda

Running Ruby's Sinatra Serverlessly on AWS LambdaAWS Lambda now supports Ruby so people are beginning to explore the possibilities - here’s how to use Sinatra (a Ruby web library that inspired things like Express.js) with it.

Tomas Valent

You Can Now Run AWS Serverless Applications Using Multiple .NET Core Projects

Norm Johanson (AWS)

Serverless-Side Rendering with React, Next.js and AWS Lambda — A guide to having your cake and eating it in the form of doing server-side rendering of single page apps but “serverlessly”.

Adnan Rahic

How to Deploy Express on Now.sh — A quick look at how to set up express API endpoints to run on version 2 of Now.sh.


AWS Lambda in a VPC Will Soon be Much Faster — Amazon is changing the architecture of Lambdas running in a VPC in order to significantly reduce startup latency.

Ido Neeman

Serverless on Kubernetes: A 'Match Made In Heaven'?


Low-Code Platforms: What Developers Think and Why — No/low-code platforms are being touted as the solution to increasing demand on dev teams. But how do devs really feel? We polled 5k+ devs to find out - here’s a summary of the results.

Progress Kinvey sponsor

AWS SAM CLI: Now with More Node.js and .NET Core Goodness — SAM is a CLI tool for local development and testing of serverless apps and now supports compiling deployment packages for Node.js runtime-based functions and debugging .NET Core functions in VS Code.

Amazon Web Services

GitLab Announces GitLab Serverless — From December 22, GitLab 11.6 users will get access to a new, alpha ‘serverless’ offering that will let you build and manage serverless workloads from within the GitLab UI.


Graphcool: A Serverless GraphQL Backend — A commercial service but with a free developer tier.