#79 — November 30, 2018

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Serverless Rust with AWS Lambda and WebAssembly

AWS Lambda Gains 'Layers' For Code Sharing Between Functions — AWS are introducing two new features to their Lambda serverless platform: Layers which lets you centrally manage code and data shared across functions, and Runtime API which provides an interface to connecting any language to Lambda by way of HTTP.

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AWS Lambda Gets Official Support for Ruby — While Ruby’s importance appears to have waned in JavaScript’s shadow over the past few years, it still has a thriving and determined user base and Lambda is finally, after many demands, offering an official Ruby runtime for Lambda functions.

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Build Scalable Serverless Apps Through Easy-To-Follow Recipes with the Azure Serverless Cookbook

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Logs from the Edge — With Cloudflare’s Workers serverless plaform, it’s possible to send traffic logs to arbitrary locations - here’s how.

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AWS Lambda Introduces a C++ Lambda Runtime — If you’re a C++ developer, you’ll recognize that its performance and low memory footprint are ideal for on-demand serverless platforms, and now it’s a first-tier language on AWS Lambda.

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AWS Application Load Balancer Can Now Invoke Lambda Functions to Serve HTTP Requests

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Python 3.7 Runtime Now Available on AWS Lambda — Amazon aren’t leaving out existing Lambda users with this week’s releases. Python developers can now use Python 3.7 on the service.

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How to Publish & Use AWS Lambda Layers with Serverless Framework — Learn about AWS’s recently introduced Lambda Layers and how to publish and use them with Serverless Framework. The ability to reuse code and resources between functions easily is going to be a game changer for Lambda, we think.

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Top 10 Things to Avoid When Considering Low-Code — Demand for enterprise apps has made low-code too enticing. Many of these platforms overpromise and underdeliver. Learn more in this webinar.

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Fast Google Fonts with Cloudflare Workers — A look at improving the performance of sites using Google Fonts using streaming HTML modification in a serverless worker.

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Building Simpler Genomics Workflows on AWS Step Functions

Ryan Ulaszek and Aaron Friedman

Serverless PWAs using React with Cloudflare Workers

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Reliable Webhooks Using Serverless Architecture“How we made our webhooks more reliable using SQS and Lambda”

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