#78 — November 16, 2018

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— The Serverless Status Team

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Serverless Rust with AWS Lambda and WebAssembly

Serverless Rust with AWS Lambda and WebAssembly — How WebAssembly can be used to create serverless functions, plus a demonstration of an AWS Lambda function written entirely in Rust.

Colin Eberhardt

How to Build a Serverless Report Server with Azure Functions and SendGrid — Severless.. server? Nonetheless, this is a fun walk through what’s involved in using Azure Functions’ timer triggers to fire up a process that builds and emails a report.

Burke Holland

Secure and Accelerate Your Cloud Storage — Use Cloudflare Workers to cache content while still preventing unwanted access with HMAC and JSON Web Tokens.

Cloudflare Workers sponsor

Six Best Practices for High-Performance Serverless Engineering — Some key things to remember when you’re trying to produce high-performance serverless applications.

Toby Fee

Serverless Adoption by the Numbers — A look at a variety of reports and survey results to gauge the ever increasing popularity of serverless.


Deploying Go Code to AWS Lambda on Windows — If you’re on Windows, be thankful that someone has gone through the details of doing this.


Real URLs for AMP Cached Content Using Cloudflare Workers

Gabbi Fisher and Avery Harnish (Cloudflare)

What Are Durable Functions?Durable functions is an extension to Azure Functions that lets you create stateful executions in a serverless environment.

Sarah Drasner

7 Open Source Platforms to Get Started with Serverless Computing — A pretty elementary introduction.

Daniel Oh (Red Hat)

Free eBook: Actionable Continuous Delivery Metrics — This eBook provides you insight into your CD pipeline & helps you to improve your CD process with metrics.

GoCD sponsor

Building a Serverless Stripe Analytics Dashboard — Brings together Cube.js (a serverless analytics framework by Statsbot) and React as a way to visualize Stripe payment activity.

Artyom Keydunov

▶  Packaging Applications in a Serverless World — In a talk at GOTO 2018, a developer addresses what the equivalents of application packages are in the serverless world and how serverless architectures force us to reassess what we mean by ‘packaging’ in the first place.

Sebastien Goasguen

Managing State in Serverless“Event-driven microservices are quite similar, so learn those patterns, they are often fully applicable in this slightly new domain”

Mark Boyd

AWS Lambda Scaling Calculator — Interactive calculator to help you identify the scaling limits of your AWS Lambda functions and generate recommendations to minimise the risk of throttling.

Paul Swail

Platform Agnostic Serverless Hello World Example in C# — Runs on both AWS Lambda and Azure Functions.


Jared and Forrest return together for a special fifteen-minute episode discussing the future of FaaS and Jared’s new gig at the Serverless Framework.

The Think FaaS Podcast