#77 — November 9, 2018

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ZEIT Unveils Version 2.0 of Its 'Now' PlatformNow is a serverless platform that makes it really easy to just push code to a repo and have it running in the cloud. 2.0 makes it easy to define numerous API endpoints in a single repo and supports concurrent builds while mantaining its fully on-demand pricing & free tier.

Gullermo Rauch, ZEIT, et al.

OWASP Releases a Report on Serverless Security Risks — The Open Web Application Security Project is best known for its ‘top 10’ Web application security risk reports, but they now have a new preliminary report into risks that specifically affect serverless systems which includes contributions from engineers from companies like IBM, Amazon, Microsoft and Serverless, Inc. PDF here.


How to Build a Serverless Multi-Lingual Chat App — How to create a chat app that serverlessly translates messages on the fly with Amazon Translate and ChatEngine.

PubNub ChatEngine sponsor

No Server November: A Challenge from Serverless, Inc. — Serverless Inc (the folks behind the Serverless Framework) are releasing a series of serverless related challenges (with prizes) this month, so if you have some spare time..

Serverless, Inc.

Serverless Stack Tutorials — Free step-by-step guides for creating full-stack serverless apps using React & AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, & Cognito.

Frank Wang and Jay V

Serverless Secrets: The Three Things Teams Get Wrong — Bad permissions and storing secrets in the wrong places make the list.

Sam Goldstein

Building a Serverless REST API with Function Compute and MongoDB — How to deploy a MongoDB database on Alibaba Cloud and use Function Compute to develop a back-end API system to interact with the database.

Nhi Nam Ha

Webinar: Reducing the Cost of Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps — Resourcing problems and legacy systems impact the cost & speed of app delivery. See how enterprises are accelerating development, & reducing IT app backlog.

Progress Kinvey sponsor

How A Developer Implemented Serverless Video Subtitling on AWS — AWS Lambda and Step Functions was used to join together Elastic Transcoder, Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translate.

Maxime Thomas (Amazon Web Services)

Choosing Between Queues and Event Hubs for Azure Functions — There are different messaging technologies you can use for triggering functions and supply them with data, but how do they compare?

Jeff Hollan