#76 — November 2, 2018

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How to Build an Alexa Skill with Go and AWS Lambda — AWS Lambda is a great way to host the backend to an Amazon Alexa voice skill, and its recently added Go support extends its reach into a whole new ecosystem.

Nic Raboy

AWS Lambda Programming Language Comparison — A comparison of code size and ‘warm’ performance of different languages that Lambda supports.

Yan Cui

Edge Side Includes in Cloudflare Workers — Customize how you cache and modify edge side includes with Cloudflare Workers.

Cloudflare Workers sponsor

AWS Lambda Security Best Practices: Design for Failure — Three secure design principles to help you with AWS Lambda security and reduce your risk of getting breached.

Ory Segal (PureSec)

How to Integrate Azure Functions with MongoDB — MongoDB’s Rob Walters cover the integration of Microsoft Azure Functions (Azure’s serverless platform) with MongoDB Atlas from a developer standpoint.

Robert Walters

Containerizing Serverless APIs — How to use Docker, LocalStack (a way to develop and test cloud apps offline) and the Serverless Framework for local serverless development.

Van Huynh

Optimizing AWS Java Lambdas — Optimizations that can improve your Java AWS Lambda functions.

Stephanie Gawroriski (Xer)

▶  Serverless Full Stack Development on AppDrag: A Video Series — Six videos so far and starts from the absolute basics. Note that it relies upon the AppDrag platform, however.


How to Build a REST API in 5 Minutes — Learn how to globally deploy a serverless REST API in minutes, not months.

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What We Learned by Serving Machine Learning Models Using AWS Lambda

Daitan Group

The Differing Definitions of “Serverless” — A curation of opinions on “What is Serverless?” from experts in the space.

Paul Swail