#75 — October 26, 2018

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Building a Serverless Supercomputer — An interesting Twitter thread from someone on a team of academics working on getting AWS Lambda to do large-scale linear algebra while using S3 as the ‘memory’. The academic paper numpywren: Serverless Linear Algebra goes into a lot more detail of this interesting use case.

Eric Jonas on Twitter

Securing Serverless: Attacking an AWS Account via a Lambda FunctionLambdaShell is a basic interface to an AWS Lambda function that runs a single command. People were invited to use this to try to compromise the underlying AWS account and.. someone did. Here’s the story.

Dark Reading

Kubernetes, Analytics, Pipeline as Code - What’s New in GoCD — The continuous delivery space is moving at the speed of light, and so is GoCD. Recently GoCD has released some exciting features including cloud native support, pipeline as code, CD analytics and more.

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Why Netflix Rolled Its Own Node.js Functions-as-a-Service Runtime — Yunong Xiao, a software engineer at Netflix, talks about Netflix’s experience in rolling their own in-house FaaS capabilities.

Michelle Gienow (The New Stack)

Getting Started with AWS Lambda in F# — F# is a really neat, multi-paradigm language with a functional focus, and it’s supported as a first-class language on AWS Lambda. Here’s how to get going with it.

John Ruble

How the New York Times Simplified Serverless Secrets“We needed a more secure way of managing serverless secrets and we needed to unify our secrets solutions across different styles of infrastructure.” So they created, and open sourced, gcp-vault.

JP Robinson (NY Times)

Performance Monitoring for AWS Lambda with DashbirdDashbird is a commercial service (with a free tier) for monitoring serverless functions.

Taavi Rehemägi

A Fast, Serverless, Big Data Pipeline Powered by a Single Azure Function — A single, serverless Azure function is all it took to fully implement an end-to-end, real-time, mission critical data pipeline, as seen here.

Kate Baroni

▶  Building Your Backend With Serverless Functions — David Wells & Chris Coyier talk about how you can build an app hosted on Netlify, staticly, but still have a backend database powering dynamic features.

Chris Coyier

How Can Serverless Computing Be Cost-Justified? — A review of just how this “new paradigm” makes business sense.

Manek Dubash

Top 10 Things to Avoid When Considering Low-Code — Demand for enterprise apps has made low-code too enticing. Many of these platforms overpromise and underdeliver. Learn more in this webinar.

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Lapa: A Universal AWS Lambda Packager — Generates a ZIP archive ready for upload to AWS Lambda. Supports Node and Python out of the box.

Alexander Zhukov