#70 — September 21, 2018

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Watch Serverlessconf San Francisco 2018 Online

▶  Watch Serverlessconf San Francisco 2018 Online — If you didn’t get to attend Serverlessconf San Francisco last month, never fear, you can now watch a lot of the talks online. Here are some of the highlights:

There are a lot more to enjoy too with more promised to follow soon.

A Cloud Guru

Remediation Strategy for Continuous Delivery of Microservices — How do you respond when a deployment of a service introduces instability or bugs? Sheroy Marker offers some remediation strategies in this blog.

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An Attempt to Benchmark Four Serverless Platforms — As always, look at benchmarks with cynical eyes, but this computationally focused benchmark attempts to put serverless offerings from AWS, Google, IBM, and Microsoft through their paces. AWS appears to have the edge here.

Bernd Strehl

Musings on Serverless and Application Security with Simon Wardley — An interview (podcast and transcript) on serverless application security with Simon Wardley covering serverless security best practices and more.

Ory Segal (PureSec) podcast

Azure Functions' 'Run From Package' Feature Now GA — Formerly known as ‘Run-From-Zip’, here’s how to run your Azure Functions from a package file.

Azure Functions on Twitter

Serverless and Recurrent Neural Networks with Fn, GraphPipe and TensorFlow

Ralf Mueller

Managing MySQL at Serverless Scale — If you’re worried about exhausting the connections a MySQL server will accept with numerous serverless invocations, these techniques could help.

Jeremy Daly

The Most Popular Deployment Tools for Serverless — Not a lot of detail here, but summarizes a few of the common options.

Nitzan Shapira

Enhanced Management of AWS Lambda Functions with Terraform

Eugene Istrati

Catch Production Errors in Real-Time, Before Users Do

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Creating Lambda@Edge and Route 53 Resources with CloudFormation — CloudFormation lets you configure a stack of AWS resources in a concise, declarative style.

DJ Walker

▶  Creating AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs with AWS Amplify — A well recorded, to-the-point 8 minute walkthrough which includes connecting to the GraphQL API using a simple React app.

Nader Dabit

29 Concerns That Go Away in a Serverless World — Although, of course, others get introduced.

Paul Swail

Recorded live at A Cloud Guru’s ServerlessConf in San Francisco, here’s a special Think FaaS episode from Walmart Labs engineer Leslie Pajuelo.

The Think FaaS Podcast