#71 — September 28, 2018

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Introducing Azure Functions 2.0 — A major upgrade to Azure’s serverless platform. The host runtime is now a lot more portable meaning you can run functions locally in your dev environment. .NET Core 2.1 is supported, as well as both Node 8 and 10, with Python 3.6 on the way.

Eduardo Laureano (Microsoft)

Developing .NET Core AWS Lambda functions — A complete introduction to creating a simple Lambda function that can be called via the Amazon API Gateway, including how to design your code to allow for easy debugging, logging and tracing.

Mark Easton

How to Choose the Best Framework for Mobile Development? — The mobile development landscape has changed and we've put together a list of modern options for you. This is a long term decision, you must choose wisely. Download our free eBook to learn more.

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Cloudflare Workers Gains a Fast Distributed Key-Value Store — Cloudflare Workers is a compute platform that works across all of Cloudflare’s 152+ data centers which lets you write serverless JavaScript code. Now this platform has access to a fast, highly distributed, eventually-consistent key/value store.

Stephen Pinkerton and Zack Bloom (Cloudflare)

An Introduction to Serverless Microservices — An exploration of microservices, how they communicate, and how you can adapt their patterns to fit a serverless deployment model.

Jeremy Daly

Aegis: An AWS Serverless Framework for Go — A simple deploy tool coupled with a framework for writing Lambda-hosted microservices in Golang.

Tom Maiaroto

Investigating Spikes in AWS Lambda Function Concurrency — How you might investigate and diagnose AWS Lambda scaling issues.

Chris Munns

AWS Lambda + Serverless Framework + Python: A Step By Step Tutorial — A three part series focused on Python developers new to serverless concepts, starting from ‘Hello World’ and moving on to storing secrets with AWS Key Management Service and sending emails with SES.

Aymen El Amri

Testing and Debugging MongoDB Stitch FunctionsStitch is MongoDB’s serverless platform.

Andrew Morgan

Data-Driven Guide to Level-Up Your Engineering Team 🚀

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'What I Learned After One Year of Serverless Development with Azure Functions' — A developer briefly covers a few features that made his life easier.

Dean Bryen

The Azure Serverless Community Library — A curated set of open source use cases for Azure Functions and Logic Apps that are ready to deploy.

Microsoft Corporation

Recorded live at A Cloud Guru’s ServerlessConf in San Francisco, here’s a special Think FaaS episode from Atlassian Statuspage’s Ellie Day.

The Think FaaS Podcast