#69 — September 17, 2018

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— Peter Cooper, Editor

Apache OpenWhisk Adds Native Support for Ruby — Ruby has been a long overlooked language when it comes to serverless but OpenWhisk, an open source serverless system, has now added native support. FaaStRuby is another interesting experiment in the serverless Ruby world right now, too.

Justin Halsall

AWS Lambda Introduces Support for PowerShell Core — Execute PowerShell scripts or functions in response to any Lambda event. Ideal for those in the .NET world.

Amazon Web Services

Live Stream Video at Scale with Two Simple API Calls — Mux Video takes the pain out of video encoding and streaming with a simple API to data-optimized live and on-demand video. Get up and running in minutes, not months. By the creators of Zencoder, Video.js, and Demuxed.

MUX sponsor

Running End-to-End Tests as Google Cloud Functions — Now that Google’s Cloud Functions service supports running headless Chrome without any setup, it could become an interesting way to run end-to-end tests in the cloud.

Michael Bodnarchuk

Build and Deploy Functions to Cloudflare’s 152+ Data Centers with the Serverless Framework — Support for Cloudflare’s Workers platform is now integrated into the popular Serverless Framework.

The Cloudflare Blog

8 Steps to Building A Serverless GraphQL API using AWS Amplify

Nader Dabit

Extending AWS CloudFormation with AWS Lambda Powered Macros — CloudFormation Macros allow developers to extend the native syntax of CloudFormation templates by calling out to AWS Lambda powered transformations.

Randall Hunt (Amazon)

How to Deploy OpenFaaS on DigitalOcean with Ansible — A straightforward guide. This may be of interest if the Ruby news (above) has you itching to deploy Ruby-powered serverless functions.

Richard Gee

Automating Cloudflare DNS Record Updates with AWS Lambda and Python

Joe Garcia

Super Simple Serverless eCommerce

Square Developer sponsor

How We Saved Big by Building CloudForecast with Serverless and AWS Lambda — A brief celebration of going serverless to launch a new AWS cost tracking service quickly.

CloudForecast Team

Serverless: Cold Start War — An attempt to benchmark ‘cold starts’ across AWS, GCP, and Azure, although as with all benchmarks, take care.

Mikhail Shilkov

Containers vs. Serverless from a DevOps Standpoint

Adnan Rahić