#66 — August 24, 2018

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to AWS Step Functions

The Hitchhiker's Guide to AWS Step Functions — All you need to know about AWS Step Functions, the spiritual successor to the not-so-simple-to-use Simple Workflow (SWF) service. If you have complicated or long running serverless workflows, Step Functions could help you manage them.

Yan Cui

Serverless Best Practices — A good set of practical best practices for serverless developers.

Paul Johnston

Post a Video or Live Stream, Get Thumbnails, Gifs, and More — The creators of Zencoder and Video.js present Mux Video: The developer-first API for building best-in-class video applications. You’re one POST request away from being able to provide data-driven, reliable streams that are playable in seconds.

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▶  Pick the Right Serverless Application Pattern — The recording of an AWS webinar looking at considerations around the design of serverless apps and how your functions are invoked.

Chris Munns

Going from Serverless to Elixir — An interesting example of when serverless isn’t the ideal approach! A developer tweeted that an API Gateway + AWS Lambda app that was costing $16K/mo was rewritten in Elixir and is now running at 1% of the cost.

Cory O'Daniel

Case Studies of AWS Serverless Apps in Production — A curated list of case studies from across the web of organizations who run production serverless apps on AWS.

Paul Swail

How to Handle Errors in Serverless Apps with AWS Step Functions

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

How to Schedule a Serverless Workflow with AWS Step Functions and Amazon CloudWatch Events — Another new official tutorial from AWS.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Building a Serverless Function using the Serverless Framework & Go

Ewan Valentine

How to Create Serverless Microservices with PubNub Functions — A very high level introduction to PubNub’s FaaS platform aimed primarily at building business logic in the cloud around PubNub’s other services.

Syed Ahmed (PubNub)

Serverless and Blockchain Are Great Ideas That Work Even Better Together — Insights from Tim Wagner.

Forrest Brazeal

▶  Develop a Serverless Backend using Node.js on AWS Lambda — A short 15 minute video course on egghead.io. It might possibly only be free for the next week though.

Nik Graf

Data-Driven Guide to Level-Up Your Engineering Team 🚀

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The Serverless Security Conundrum: Who Manages Security? — Serverless security is easier in some ways, harder in others. Here’s a look at some of the differences that matter.

Tal Melamed

Why Serverless is Being Adopted at a Faster Rate than Expected

Chip Childers

Serverless and Kubernetes: Extreme Positions Hurts Adoption — Good measured post about serverless and Kubernetes advocacy.

Krishnan Subramanian

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