#65 — August 17, 2018

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How to Deploy An App to Production with an Actual Button

How to Deploy An App to Production with an Actual Button — A fun serverless-led tutorial on building a process that lets you deploy and release an app simply by pushing an Amazon ‘Dash’ button. AWS Lambda and the GitHub API are also used.

Anisha Gupta

ZEIT's Serverless Docker BetaZEIT is a serverless platform aimed at being the easiest and fastest to work with and their new serverless Docker deployments feature shakes things up with sub-second cold boots for most workloads. Automatic port discovery and HTTP/2 and WebSocket support are also available.


Continuous Delivery on Modern Infrastructure - Run GoCD on Kubernetes — Model Docker-based build workflows more effectively with our GoCD Kubernetes integration. Run GoCD natively on Kubernetes, define your build workflow and let GoCD provision and scale build infrastructure on the fly.

GoCD sponsor

CloudFlare JavaScript Workers and Multicloud — Some high level analysis of Cloudflare’s serverless Workers system which is built around Google’s V8 JavaScript engine (but isn’t using Node) and will soon support C/C++, Go and Rust via WebAssembly.

Mary Branscombe

Google Cloud Functions and App Engine Adds Headless Chrome Support — The Google Cloud Functions and Cloud Functions for Firebase Node.js 8 runtimes have been upgraded with the packages required to run headless Chrome - ideal if you’re a Puppeteer user.

Google Cloud Blog

Tips for Writing Lambda Functions in Node 8

Nuatu Tseggai

Perform Sentiment Analysis with Amazon Comprehend Triggered by AWS Lambda — Build an event-driven architecture to connect a DynamoDB stream with Amazon Comprehend for sentiment analysis.

Adrian Hornsby

How to Streamline Your Serverless Workflow with WebStorm — WebStorm is a popular Web development IDE from JetBrains.

Eslam Hefnawy

Six Security Considerations for Serverless Environments — Oriented around managing credentials, automation, and monitoring.

Gadi Naor

Build Scalable Serverless Apps Through Easy-To-Follow Recipes with the Azure Serverless Cookbook

Microsoft sponsor

Adopting a Serverless Approach at Bazaarvoice with MongoDB Atlas and AWS Lambda — They moved from a monolithic Django app hosted on EC2 to using serverless functions and MongoDB’s hosted Atlas platform.

Peter Zawistowicz (MongoDB)

▶  Build Node.js APIs using Serverless — How to migrate an API of an existing app over to Azure Functions. 42 minutes

Simona Cotin

Jared Short and Forrest Brazeal recently gave a talk at ServerlessConf called “How To Win Coworkers and Influence Organizations For Serverless”, this week's podcast is a sneak preview of that very talk.

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