#64 — August 10, 2018

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Confusion in the Land of the Serverless

▶  Confusion in the Land of the Serverless — Dives into some of the questions that aren’t always asked in relation to serverless and microservices. Related slides here.

Sam Newman

Amazon Aurora Serverless MySQL Generally Available — AWS is now bringing the scaling and billing flexibility of the serverless approach to MySQL in the shape of a serverless variety of its MySQL-compatible Aurora service.

Randall Hunt (Amazon)

Rollbar: Real-Time Error Monitoring for Your Production Apps — Detect production errors in real-time, then debug them in minutes before your users notice. Both our JavaScript (Node.js) and Python SDKs support AWS Lambda. Get unlimited errors during your free trial.

ROLLBAR sponsor

PDF: Peeking Behind the Curtains of Serverless Platforms — A 13 page paper that explores the differing performance quirks across the AWS, Google, and Azure platforms, and how they isolate functions, based upon running 50,000 function instances across them.

Wang, Li, Zhang, et al.

How The New York Times Built a Serverless Email Platform — The NYT sends 4 billion emails a year and recently rebuilt its email platform from scratch in a serverless style to run on Google Cloud Platform.

The Times Open Team

Why Serverless? — Amazon’s Tim Bray thinks there are three compelling arguments for serverless computing: making capacity planning less important, security/exploit avoidance, and elastic billing.

Tim Bray

Google Expands Its Cloud Firestore Beta to More Users — Google is expanding the availability of Cloud Firestore, its serverless NoSQL document database, adding new locations, features, and admin tools to the GCP console.

Dan McGrath (Google)

Powering HIPAA-Compliant Workloads using AWS Serverless Technologies

Mayank Thakkar (AWS)

How to Orchestrate Serverless Functions by Scraping APIs in 8 Minutes — An introduction to Azure Function’s Durable Functions support which takes a lot of the headache out of orchestrating numerous serverless functions.

Maxime Rouiller (Microsoft)

Best in Class Video Infrastructure in Two API Requests

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How To: Add Test Coverage to your Serverless Applications — Referring to the Serverless framework, in particular.

Jeremy Daly

How Fission.io Brings Serverless to Kubernetes — Platform9’s Soam Vasani talks about his Fission.io serverless framework for Kubernetes.

The New Stack

FunctionShield: A Protection Library to Help Harden Serverless Functions — A security library for AWS Lambda functions which enables devs to harden the behavior of serverless runtimes and immunize functions against unwanted and potentially malicious behavior.

Ory Segal (PureSec)

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