#67 — August 31, 2018

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If we're seeing a trend over the past few months, it's that 'serverless' as a term is being extended and redefined to fit into a variety of situations that weren't on the radar a few years ago. This week's issue seems to demonstrate that particularly well as we look at a variety of different platforms and workloads such as data processing, proxying, monitoring, and sending email.
— Peter Cooper, editor

▶  Serverless Tales from the Trenches — A 27 minute talk (followed by Q&A) from the recent GOTO Chicago 2018 event that digs into the architecture of one company’s JavaScript-based SPA and how it’s hosted on Amazon’s services in a serverless manner. A worthwhile primer if you want to get a feel for the operational ‘structure’ of a production serverless app.

Peter Sbarski

Using Cloudflare Workers To Make Static Sites Dynamic — Cloudflare’s Workers is interesting because it places a serverless JavaScript environment in front of otherwise ordinary sites meaning you can perform various tasks before requests hit your server, as seen here.

Paddy Sherry

Build a Serverless Multilingual Chat App — How to create a chat app that serverlessly translates messages on the fly with Amazon Translate and ChatEngine.

PubNub Functions sponsor

▶  Let's Play with Zeit's Serverless Docker Feature — It goes all over the place, but it’s just fun to watch Mattias play with Zeit Now’s newest feature for rapidly deploying code. I’ve been playing too and found it’s particularly well suited to deploying languages without native support on the major platforms (e.g. Ruby).

Fun Fun Function

Building a Serverless App with MongoDB StitchMongoDB Stitch is a MongoDB-based serverless platform that can make it quicker to build apps in the cloud. This tutorial is a practical demonstration of using it to build a stock price monitoring app.

Valeri Karpov

Create a Serverless Workflow with AWS Step Functions — You can use AWS Step Functions to coordinate multiple Lambda functions into a workflow.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Sending Emails from AWS Lambda Inside a VPC Without NAT — You might have your AWS Lambda functions running in a VPC to access RDS or other services, but not want to create an expensive NAT gateway to send mails. Solution? Use S3 as a gateway to another function outside of the VPC.

David Llewellyn-Jones

AWS Lambda Pricing: How Much Does It Cost to Run a Serverless Application? — Unless your app is just a simple function, the bigger costs will come with API Gateway and other related services rather than just Lambda itself.

Rohit Akiwatkar

Strategies for Implementing User Authentication in Serverless Apps

Jeremy Coffield

Serverless Machine Learning with TensorFlow.js — A thorough look at getting Tensorflow, a flexible machine learning framework, to work properly in a serverless environment.

James Thomas

A Crash Course on Serverless-side Rendering with Vue.js, Nuxt.js and AWS Lambda — Really good, detailed look at running a server-side rendered Vue app (with Nuxt) using Lambda.

Adnan Rahić

Host Your Own CNCF CloudEvents Compatible Event Gateway on Kubernetes — With the open source Event Gateway you could host your own event router and then stitch services from different clouds together.

Sebastian Borza

Serverless Instant Checkout Links with Square

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Lessons from Building a Serverless Data Pipeline with AWS Kinesis and Lambda — Get ready for ‘inception’ as IOpipe explains how they monitor other people’s AWS Lambda functions using a data pipeline built around.. Lambda.

Erica Windisch

▶  Break Through the Serverless Barriers with Durable Functions — Looking back at a talk we missed from Build 2018. Azure’s Durable Functions makes it easy to coordinate long-running stateful serverless workflows. Katy makes it really easy to understand.

Katy Shimizu

Monitor Amazon ElastiCache for Redis Read Replica Endpoints with AWS Lambda, Route 53, and SNS

Yann Richard and Julien Prigent

From Big Data to Micro-Services: How to Serve Spark-Trained Models Through AWS Lambdas — A quick and Pythonic way to power endpoints with pre-trained Spark models.

Jacopo Tagliabue