#55 — June 8, 2018

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▶  Migrating Your API to Serverless using Azure Functions — In 17 minutes, Burke Holland leads us through how to migrate an existing Node/Express based API to a serverless one using Azure Functions and Azure Functions Proxies.

Azure Functions

Build a Serverless GeoSearch GraphQL API using AWS AppSync and Elasticsearch — How to build a GraphQL location search service similar to Airbnb’s using a fully serverless stack on AWS.

Andrew Griffiths

eBook: How to Refactor a Monolithic Codebase Over Time — Learn how to refactor your monolith, the main questions you should ask yourself when refactoring a monolith, and the key principles to cleaning up a complex codebase.

Codeship sponsor

Building Serverless Mobile Apps with React Native and AWS — A look at what’s involved with building a ‘backendless’ mobile app using React Native along with AWS’s Mobile CLI, Cognito (for auth), and Amplify.

Nader Dabit

This week in Trek10’s weekly serverless podcast, Forrest Brazeal helps you navigate the murky waters of service discovery for serverless apps in AWS (and learn why Lambda environment variables can be so dangerous):

Building REST Services with the Serverless Framework, in Node.js, using AWS Lambda and DynamoDB

David Herron

How to Deploy a Node App to AWS Lambda using Serverless — Entry level but that might be what you need right now :-)

Adnan Rahić

Build a Native Mobile App Hooked to Your Enterprise Auth in 5 Minutes

NativeScript sponsor

▶  Using Serverless for Data Science — A brief talk on covering the basic idea behind serverless cloud architecture, plus how to deploy a very simple web app to AWS Lambda using Zappa.

Mike Lee Willams

Meet D-ASYNC: A Framework for Writing Distributed Cloud-Native Apps — The current implementation supports C# only, with Python coming next.

Serge Semenov

...and finally: