#54 — June 1, 2018

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serverless status

Reverse Engineering AWS Lambda — What happens if you crack open AWS Lambda and dig around the gooey internals? Some delightful spelunking to read about, though possibly not very useful to most.

Alec Posney

Hey Cool, You Went Serverless. Now You Just Have to Worry About All Those Stale Functions:

“If the industry keeps its current trajectory, we’re each likely to wake up next year surrounded by hundreds – if not thousands – of deployed functions. Many of these functions will have excessive permissions and stale embedded libraries, and their tenure will make it hard to delete them without breaking functionality that someone else depends on.”
- Guy Podjarny (The Register)

Databases in the Hosted Cloud — You can use a hosted relational database or non relational in several "cloud providers" as a database as a service (DBaaS). Learn the differences, the access methods and the level of control you have for the various public cloud offerings.

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The Original Serverless Architecture is Still Here — While Kevin is excited about the new developments with Kubernetes and serverless technologies, he argues Google App Engine is mature, evolving, and the ‘original serverless’ approach.

Kevin Dangoor

▶  30 Minute Workshop on Building a Serverless Data Processing App — Two AWS serverless experts walk through the development of a serverless data processing app that streams images from Twitter and analyzes them with Amazon Rekognition.

Serverless Bytes

StdLib Gets $2M from Stripe, Launches Code.xyzCode.xyz is an in-browser code editor, an embeddable development environment for building APIs, webhooks, and workflow automation tasks on StdLib’s serverless platform.

Keith Horwood (StdLib)

How to Create a Blog Using Pre-Built Serverless Components and Hugo — Learn how to use pre-built Serverless Components and a static site generator like Hugo to create and deploy a blog site.

Rupak Ganguly (Serverless)

Building a YouTube MP3 Downloader with Exodus, FFmpeg, and AWS LambdaExodus is a tool that lets you relocate binaries between systems.

Evan Sangaline

AWS Lambda: Reusing Database Connections

Felipe Rohde

How-To: Achieve Observability in Modern Applications 🔭

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How OpenFaaS Came to Rescue Us — An overview of one service’s experience with serverless approaches in speeding up its design sources marketplace.

Tarun Mangukiya

Building a Big Data Platform on AWS for 100 Users for Under $2 A Month — Using serverless query service ‘Athena’ helped reduce per-user costs to less than two cents.

Jacob Richter

YoYo: A Simple React-based Comment Engine Built on AWS Lambda — You could replace Disqus with something like this, for example.