#53 — May 25, 2018

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serverless status

An Updated Look at Serverless Architectures — A significant early article covering serverless architectures has been updated for 2018. This is a great high level overview of what’s involved with serverless. Mike’s also done a blog post about the update and what’s changed in the past two years.

Mike Roberts

Building AI Enabled GraphQL Apps — See how to build a mobile translation app that uses AWS AppSync and Lambda to bring together AWS’s Translate and Polly services.

Nader Dabit

eBook: Best Practices when Versioning a Release — We will take a closer look at semantic versioning – a key best practice for versioning software releases.

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'Why Invest in Backend Developers When Your Customers Don’t Care?' — Controversial opinions lie ahead, but this take is increasingly common.

Forrest Brazeal

“I’m building out a tech infrastructure using AppSync now, and I’m fairly confident that, where in the past I’ve been able to run about ten front-end developers with just me doing the backend and middle-tier development part-time, with AppSync I could continue to be the CTO, do all the backend and middle-tier code, and support up to probably about a hundred front-end developers before I would need a dedicated backend developer.”
- Joe Emison

Serverless and PHP: Introducing Bref — Bref aims to make it as easy to use PHP as JavaScript in serverless situations.

Matthieu Napoli

Microsoft Pushes Serverless Beyond Events and Functions — Microsoft is developing a range of tools and services that use the same idea of not having to care about infrastructure for everything from workload orchestration to machine learning with Python.

Mary Branscombe

▶  Serverless Product Selection at Amazon Fresh — A quick (6 minute) look at how the ecommerce side of Amazon is using AWS’s serverless workflow options.

Amazon Web Services

Get 35% off 'Kong: Becoming a King of API Gateways' W/ Code - gmwo35

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Running a Serverless Voter Campaign with Contentful and Twilio — Brings together a basic Flask-based Python app with AWS Lambda, Contentful (CMS infrastructure) and Twilio (for sending text messages).

Robert Svensson (Contentful)

How to Build and Test a C#-Based AWS Lambda Locally

João Rosa

Automatically Deleting Old Tweets with AWS Lambda‘Ephemeral’ is a lightweight utility written for use on AWS Lambda. It will delete any of your tweets that are older than a few days.

Vicky Lai

Consistent Modeling of Serverless Long-Running Background Tasks

Asher Sterkin

Event: Serverlessconf San Francisco 2018 (July 29-August 1) — A reminder that Serverlessconf will have its first outing in San Francisco this July.