#52 — May 18, 2018

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▶  Serverless, Not So FaaS — In trying to solve a simple problem, Kelsey Hightower, a developer advocate for Google Cloud Platform, reflects on some of the friction points encountered with serverless approaches. (15 minutes.)

Kelsey Hightower

Break Through the Serverless Barriers with Azure Functions — A roundup of the key advancements made on Azure recently with regards to serverless technologies including durable functions, diagnostics, and Event Grid.

Eduardo Laureano (Microsoft)

Which Amazon Cloud Technology Should You Choose? RDS? Aurora? Roll Your Own? — Percona will cover the different technologies for running databases on Amazon Cloud environments. Focusing on the operational aspects, benefits and limitations for each.

Percona sponsor

Serverless Has Its Pitfalls. Here’s How You Can Avoid Them — A good look at where serverless fails. As a supporter of serverless in general, I really appreciate this article for providing some good things to consider before making the move.

Nicolas Dao

ServerlessByDesign: A Visual Approach to Serverless Development — An open source utility to create visual diagrams of serverless architectures which you can then export as a CloudFormation template and app. Live demo here.

Danilo Poccia

How to Create a REST API with Prewritten Serverless Components — How to create a fully-fledged REST API application using pre-written components from the Serverless Components project (which we mentioned last week).

Philipp Müns

aws-sam-cli: A CLI Tool for Local Development and Testing of Serverless Apps — A recently rewritten and open sourced AWS CLI tool for managing serverless applications written with AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) including testing functions locally and starting a local API gateway.

Amazon Web Services

A Guide to Developing REST APIs with AWS Lambda and API Gateway — An accessible walkthrough of creating a Node-powered ‘serverless’ REST API using AWS Lambda’s latest Node 8.10 runtime support.

David Herron

Netlify Lambdas, As Simple As Possible — A quick intro to using the popular static site provider’s serverless functions service (which itself uses AWS Lambda).

Mark Luetke

▶  Connect Anything to Everything: Serverless Routing and Messaging with Event Grid — Learn about the value of Event Grid by seeing an example in action.

Jeremy Likness

Azure Tips and Tricks Video Series

Azure sponsor

Zappa: Serverless Python with AWS Lambda + API Gateway — Makes it easy to deploy Python applications (including WSGI apps) on AWS Lambda and API Gateway. Think of it as ‘serverless’ hosting for Python web apps.

Rich Jones

HTTP/2 Configuration Available in the Azure Portal — It’s now easy-peasy to get your Azure Functions working over HTTP/2.