#51 — May 11, 2018

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Five Serverless Fallacies (And How To Avoid Them) — Forrest looks past the hype to provide real talk on ‘walled gardens’, scalability, and more common misperceptions about serverless technologies.

Forrest Brazeal

Reducing Latency and Shifting Compute to the Edge with Lambda@Edge — A practical look at using AWS’s Lambda@Edge (basically a way to run server-side JavaScript at edge locations) to provide low latency data to clients.

Amazon Web Services

eBook: Best Practices when Versioning a Release — We will take a closer look at semantic versioning – a key best practice for versioning software releases.

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Lessons Learned From a Year of Going "Fully Serverless" in Production“Serverless, because we like to sleep at night.” A strong sense of getting away from ops headaches here by doubling down on static sites and serverless approaches.

Tal Bereznitskey

Serverless Ruby with Docker and Apache OpenWhisk — Ruby isn’t a language we often get to see in a serverless context so it’s neat to see an example of a Dockerized Ruby app running on IBM Cloud’s OpenWhisk-based Cloud Functions.

Justin Halsall

Comparing PubNub Functions to AWS Lambda Functions — As numerous serverless platforms roll out, it’s going to be natural for users to try and compare them to AWS Lambda which appears to have become a ‘reference’ platform of sorts.

Adam Bavosa (PubNub)

File Storage for Serverless Applications — A look at how you deal with file storage when working with serverless apps.

James Thomas

A Crash Course on Securing Serverless APIs with JSON Web Tokens

Adnan Rahić

Building A Serverless Contact Form For Your Static Site

Smashing Magazine

▶  Building Event-Driven Serverless Apps with Azure Functions and Azure Cosmos DB

Rafat Sarosh

How Twilio Improves 'Mean Time To Discovery'

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Serverless Mistakes You Should Avoid — Covers a few things like connection pooling, WebSockets, and cold starts.

Nicolas Dao

Serverless is Going to Crush Kubernetes (But Only in a Theoretical World Which Doesn’t Actually Exist) — A highly opinionated thought piece you might enjoy: “Serverless will crush Kuberenetes about as much as x86 servers crushed mainframes – that is, not much at all.”

Ben Kepes

Serverless Components: An Easier Way to Build Apps with Cloud Services — A ‘Serverless Component’ packages cloud/SaaS services, logic and automation into a building block to more easily build apps.