#50 — May 4, 2018

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CloudEvents 0.1: A Draft Spec for a Common Event Data Format — The actual specs are here but this is an effort from members of the CNCF Serverless Working Group to standardize the way that event data is described and shared in order to improve serverless tooling interoperability.

CNCF Serverless Working Group

Running FFmpeg on AWS Lambda for 1.9% The Cost of AWS Elastic Transcoder — If you want to transcode videos in the cloud you could run FFmpeg on a server you’d need to maintain, use AWS Elastic Transcoder, or.. get the best of both worlds by bundling FFmpeg inside of an AWS Lambda function.

Evan Sangaline

Amazon Web Services: Migrate your On Premises Environment to the Cloud — Learn best practices with Percona in this 45 min webinar.

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Corral: A Serverless MapReduce Framework for AWS Lambda — Think a Go-flavored Hadoop MapReduce-a-like that’s well-suited for ETL jobs.

Ben Congdon

ServerlessDays London Call For Papers Closes Soon — Want to speak at ServerlessDays London 2018? The CFP is open till next Monday (May 7).

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React to Any Cloud Event with the 'Event Gateway'Event Gateway is an event router for serverless apps that, till now, you needed to run yourself. It’s now available online, hosted in the cloud.

Alex DeBrie (Serverless)

6 Things I've Learned in My First 6 Months using Serverless — The serverless world is pretty awesome once you find the right tools — and “burn the middle layer to the ground”.

James Beswick

How to Create a Landing Page with Serverless Components — Using Netlify, AWS, and MailChimp.

David Wells

5 Considerations for Continuous Delivery of Microservices

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How to Deploy Your Flask API to Any Serverless Cloud Platform — Flask is a popular Python framework.

Andrew Griffiths

▶  Fun With Serverless Applications — Covers when to use a serverless approach, and answer questions about how to get started with it.

Lorna Mitchell

The Future of Kubernetes Is Serverless

Brendan Burns

Should CNCF Set The Standards For Serverless?

Krishnan Subramanian

After a 2 week break, Trek10’s weekly serverless podcast is back, with Forrest Brazeal looking into why AWS AppSync (Amazon's hosted GraphQL API service) is pretty neat:

The Think FaaS Podcast