#49 — April 27, 2018

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Abby Fuller, Tara Walker, and Nicki Klein

▶  Building a .NET Serverless Application on AWS — A 28 minute talk on how to use .NET Core to create a serverless application on Amazon Web Services.

Abby Fuller, Tara Walker, and Nicki Klein

Azure Container Instances Now Generally Available — You can now create Linux and Windows containers to run on Azure without managing any underlying VMs, effectively bringing serverless principles to containerized apps.

Corey Sanders (Microsoft)

Percona Announces New Cloud and Container Partners — Partnerships with Microsoft and Mesosphere make it easier to ensure optimal performance.

Percona sponsor

AWS Lambda: Driven by The Laggards? — Some interesting analysis based around a chat with Stackery where it’s suggested serverless is being “driven by tech laggards” and this isn’t a bad thing.

James Governor

Build a Serverless Multi-Region, Active-Active Backend in an Hour — It’s pretty amazing how far things have come when you can put together something so complex so easily. This uses DynamoDB Global Tables, AWS Lambda, regional API Gateway, and Route53 routing policies.

Adrian Hornsby

How to Build a Serverless App with S3 and Lambda in 15 Minutes — Bring some server side-esque functionality to a static site hosted on S3.

Matthieu McClintock

▶  Building Powerful Backends with MongoDB Stitch — MongoDB’s CTO, Eliot Horowitz, gave a 40 minute talk on using MongoDB’s Stitch backend-as-a-service.

Eliot Horowitz

Serverless Survey: Faster Delivery, Fewer Hours, and Smaller Bills — 19 companies took part in a serverless survey and they’ve been seeing significant benefits.

Annika Helendi (Dashbird)

How-To: Low-Risk Continuous Delivery and Deployment 📦

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Event: Serverlessconf San Francisco 2018 – July 29-August 1 — Serverlessconf will have its first showing in San Francisco this July.


An Advanced AWS Lambda Tutorial for AWS Cloud9 — Cloud9 is a Web-based IDE now owned by Amazon.


How to Manage Canary Deployments on AWS Lambda with the Serverless Framework — A walkthrough of a new plugin for Serverless (the framework) to use Lambda’s traffic shifting feature to test new versions of functions.

David Garcia

Building a Crypto Wallet Balance API to Use with Google Spreadsheets — A really cool use of serverless - driving the content of a Google Sheet.

Kostas Vaggelakos