#48 — April 20, 2018

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Safe AWS Lambda Deployments with AWS CodeDeploy — It’s now possible to automatically shift incoming traffic between two function versions, allowing you to rollout a new function gradually and quickly rollback at the first sign of trouble.

George Mao

Building Azure Functions With F# Script & VS Code — A 4-part series (all available now) walking through building a serverless function with the F# language.

Mike Sigsworth

Build a Serverless Chatbot with IBM Watson — How to build an intelligent chatbot running on ChatEngine, empowered by Watson Assistant and serverless PubNub Functions.

PubNub Functions sponsor

Protecting Forms with Serverless CAPTCHA — A look at using Google reCaptcha with OpenWhisk/IBM Cloud Functions. Particularly ideal for ‘static’ sites.

Glynn Bird

Using HTTPS with Azure Functions in Local Development — Azure Functions’ Core tools come in two versions, one of which will let you develop and run functions anywhere, including locally.

Christos Matskas

How to Migrate a Go API to Serverless in Under 10 Minutes

Andres Griffiths

Super Simple Serverless E-Commerce — A walkthrough of creating serverless functions to allow customers to checkout and buy an item using Square.

Richard Moot

Azure Durable Functions Pattern: Approval Workflow with SendGridDurable Functions is a way to build stateful serverless workflows on Azure Functions. This tutorial demonstrates using emails, sent via SendGrid, to interact with such a workflow.

Paco de la Cruz

Get Actionable Insights and Launch Better Applications with Dashbird

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How to Use MongoDB Connection Pooling on AWS Lambda


The Maturity of Functions as a Service — A comparison of FaaS from the top four cloud providers.

Krishnan Subramanian

Rise of the Nanoservice: How AWS Application Repository Will Accelerate Serverless“The general availability of AWS Serverless Application Repository represents a milestone for serverless, and signals the coming of ‘nanoservices’ for composing serverless applications.”

Tom McLaughlin

Serverless Databases: The Future of Event-Driven Architecture

Jignesh Solanki