#47 — April 13, 2018

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Can Open-Source Serverless Be Simpler Than AWS Lambda? — A look at how the open source nuclio serverless event and data processing platform works in action.

Yaron Haviv

How to Build a Serverless API with Go and AWS Lambda — AWS Lambda’s first class Go support is no longer breaking news, but this is a very thorough walkthrough of using it.

Alex Edwards

How to Create Your First API and Master API Gateways — An API Gateway is an essential component in microservice architecture. This book is useful for IT architects, DevOps engineers, CTOs, and security experts willing to understand how to use Kong to create and expose APIs.

Bleeding Edge Press sponsor

Goodbye 'JeffConf', Hello 'ServerlessDays' — ‘JeffConf’ has morphed into ServerlessDays, a series of one day, one track serverless-focused events. Four are already planned for Tel Aviv, Auckland, London and Vienna, but they seek help to organize many more. Want to run a local serverless event? You need to read this.

Ant Stanley

Building Serverless React GraphQL Apps with AWS AppSync — A thorough intro to the idea of creating serverless GraphQL applications on top of AWS’s AppSync ‘managed GraphQL’ service, complete with real-time data support.

Nader Dabit

Google Sheets + AWS Lambda = A JSON Backend? — A creative solution to building a simple JSON API for simple use cases where it’s desirable for the data to be easily editable by an everyday user.

Jonne Huotari

From Express.js to AWS Lambda: Migrating Existing Node.js Apps to Serverless — As the title says, a good example of the process of transforming a Node app to serverless.

Slobodan Stojanović

▶  Azure Functions Live — Catch up on what’s new on Azure’s serverless platform with Jeff Hollan and Colby Tresness.

Azure Functions Team

Build Your Own Twitter Scheduler — On top of Auth0 Webtasks.

Tomasz Janczuk

Serving an Angular App from Azure Functions

Thiago Passos

Free CI/CD Pipelines for Your Serverless Functions

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Adding reCaptcha with a Serverless Form Processor — Another look at using Google reCaptcha with serverless, this time on webtask.io.

Raymond Camden

Building A Calendar Feed From Scraped HTML Schedules — Serverlessly, of course, using Apify and Azure Functions.

Francis Cote

This week in Trek10’s weekly serverless podcast, Forrest Brazeal breaks down some key takeaways from the recent AWS Summit in San Francisco:

The Think FaaS Podcast