#56 — June 15, 2018

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Using GraalVM to Run Native Java in AWS Lambda with Go — GraalVM is a extension of the JVM that includes a Java compiler with which you can make a binary library that Go code can then run. This could be a way to mitigate the cold start problems with Java on AWS Lambda.

Mustafa Akin

Rookout: A New AWS Lambda Debugging ToolRookout is an Israeli startup working on a tool that brings real-time instrumentation and breakpoint-oriented debugging to Lambda-hosted functions.


How-To: Achieve Observability in Modern Applications 🔭 — Deep dive into modern observability challenges and why and where 'monitoring all the things' falls short.

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AWS DeepLens: A 'Deep Learning' Video Camera for Developers — A programmable camera aimed to help developers build machine-learning related applications. AWS Lambda is the recommended platform with which to program it.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Serverless, Inc's 'State Of Serverless' Community Survey — A once a year survey for the community. This is your chance to share how you work with serverless. We look forward to sharing what results we can.

Serverless, Inc.

Architect: A Simplified Serverless Framework — A developer explains how he was won over by Architect, a framework where you can craft serverless apps and integrations in a simple manifest file, at a recent conference.

Michael Bernstein

How to Create a Landing Page with Serverless Components

David Wells

▶  Building a Serverless Slack Chatbot with Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Platform

Build a Native Mobile App Hooked to Your Enterprise Auth in 5 Minutes

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Azure Functions Wants to Make It Easy for Developers to Get Started with Serverless — Microsoft is now opening themselves to people who weren’t traditionally application developers with Azure Functions.

Forrest Brazeal

StreamAlert: A Serverless, Realtime Data Analysis Framework — Built in Python.


Lesspod: A Serverless CMS and Blog Engine


This week's Trek 10 podcast isn’t strictly applicable to serverless, instead providing a general insight into the public cloud, as Jared Short gives thought to the 'multicloud vision':

The Think FaaS Podcast