#44 — March 23, 2018

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ZIP plus Lambda equals serverless success?

Why AWS Lambda and .zip is a Recipe for Serverless Success — A reflection on why .zip files are the ultimate alternative to containers in the serverless world due to their simplicity. To be fair, Java’s .jar files are ZIP files too. This post led to extensive discussion on Hacker News.

Paul Johnston (AWS)

Netlify Offers Lambda Functions on Its Static Platform — A new feature from the popular static site hosting platform to deploy AWS Lambda-powered functions simply by adding files to Git repositories.

Matt Billmann and Chris Bach

Running End-to-End Tests on Kubernetes — Integrating the build and deployment of up to 40 websites across the world is challenging. This blog talks about how one team solved real world CI/CD problems using Kubernetes and GoCD.

GoCD sponsor

Building A Twitter Art Bot with Python, AWS, and Soviet Art — Creating a bot that tweets paintings every six hours using Python and AWS Lambda — This post outlines the why, architecture decisions made, technical details on how the bot works, and more.

Vicki Boykis

The State of OpenWhisk — A good overview of the current status of Apache OpenWhisk, an open source cloud platform borne out of IBM and now forming the base of its IBM Cloud Functions service.

Rodric Rabbah

Securing Kubernetes for OpenFaaS and Beyond — Want to roll out your own serverless architecture on top of OpenFaaS and Kubernetes? Some pointers on security here.

Daniel Shapira

AWS Cloud9 Supports Debugging of Python AWS Lambda Functions — Cloud9 is Amazon’s Web-based IDE and now you can set up breakpoints and step through your functions, making it easier to debug before going live.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

A Serverless Doorbell with Azure Functions and Ring.com — Working with a popular brand of digital doorbell from Azure Functions.

Jeff Hollan

Running a Scalable GraphQL Endpoint with Serverless — The latest in a series of posts using API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and AWS AppSync, Amazon’s fully-managed serverless GraphQL service.

Siddharth Gupta

Build a Serverless Mobile App for Movie Listings with Flutter and AWS Lambda — Developing a mobile app with Google’s open-source UI framework.

Mohamed Labouardy

Reliable Event Processing in Azure Functions: How to Avoid Missing A Message

Jeff Hollan

Learn How to Build Scalable, Serverless Apps with These Easy-To-Follow Recipes

Azure Functions sponsor

Image Upload and Retrieval from S3 Using AWS API Gateway and Lambda — A beginning to end walkthrough of building an image upload service with Lambda and S3.

Hasangi Kahaduwa

▶  Azure Storage for Serverless .NET Apps in Minutes — Walks through creating a simple app that creates a shortcode for a long URL (to easily reference it). 9 minutes.

Microsoft Developer

Serverless: A Platform Built From Fear? — A post that I pretty strongly disagree with, but one for folks to read and comment on.

Devin Hurley

Each week, the folks at trek10 do a short serverless podcast called Think FaaS that we've been enjoying. We're trying to come up with ways to link to the latest episode in this newsletter, but for now you can enjoy the latest episode below:

The Think FaaS Podcast

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