#45 — March 30, 2018

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Serverless is Eating the Stack — An interview with Steven Faulkner of LinkedIn that focuses on the ops implications of serverless approaches. “AWS Lambda has stamped a big DEPRECATED on containers.”

Forrest Brazeal

Getting Started with Azure Functions and MongoDB — How to set up a Node-based Azure Function that connects to MongoDB and, importantly, reuses the database connection between requests.

The Code Barbarian

Serverless Development with Node.js, AWS Lambda and MongoDB Atlas — This step-by-step tutorial takes no more than an hour.

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Serverless Doesn’t Have to Be an Infuriating Black Box — Burke Holland laments on the current state of serverless platforms being a little like ‘black boxes’ where the internals are hard to figure out, but being able to do serverless development locally, as with Azure Functions, can help..

Burke Holland

Using Databases with OpenFaaS — How to build OpenFaaS functions which use a connection pool (with MongoDB, in this case) to optimize latency.

Alex Ellis

Announcing the Availability of Azure Functions in National Clouds — Azure has several ‘sovereign clouds’ entirely located and operated within specific nation states. Azure Functions is now available in the Chinese, German, and ‘US Government’ clouds.


How-To: Low-Risk Continuous Delivery and Deployment 📦

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50 Starter Kits and Resources for Building Serverless Apps — A collection of serverless development introductions and starter kits for different stacks, as well as tutorials from beginner to advanced.

Mitch Pronshinske

Scheduling Slack Messages using AWS Lambda — Simple functions to fetch top stories from Hacker News on a regular basis and send them to Slack.

Slobodan Stojanović

Using AWS Lambdas for Data Lake Monitoring — How the UK’s largest used car marketplace uses serverless functions for maintaining its KPI dashboards.


Continuous Delivery on Kubernetes with GoCD

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A Serverless App to Centralize Important AWS Data Across Multiple AWS Accounts — A post describing a new open source project to help work with AWS information spread across multiple accounts. Love the name :-)


lambdaPHP: Quick and Scrappy PHP Hosting using AWS Lambda

San Kumar

Thundra: An Observability Service for AWS Lambda — A beta (and commercial) service that provides monitoring for Lambda functions. Further background.


This week in Trek10’s weekly serverless podcast, Forrest Brazeal considers the pros and cons of being able to deploy serverless functions as simply as uploading a zip file to a cloud provider:

The Think FaaS Podcast