#43 — March 16, 2018

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Challenges of Developing Event-Driven Serverless Systems at Scale — Rob Gruhl discusses the design considerations of Nordstrom’s event-sourced architecture working off a distributed ledger.

Forrest Brazeal

Cloudflare Workers: Run JavaScript at the Edge — CDNs typically make static assets available at many edge locations, but this next step from Cloudflare takes running code to the edge as well, all powered by V8. If this seems familiar, Amazon’s Lambda@Edge has many similarities.

Kenton Varda

Using the Serverless Cloud for ETL Scenarios — An amazingly thorough walkthrough / tutorial covering a real world scenario of using Azure Functions to process a CSV file and import data into Azure SQL.

Jeremy Likness

See How You Can Go Serverless from Your DBaaS Platform — Percona discusses options and considerations to guide you to a Serverless database environment.

Percona sponsor

Building a URL Shortener with Go and AWS Lambda — A tutorial leaning on the new native support for Go on AWS Lambda. By the way, we have a Go newsletter if Go is your thing.

Tin Rabzelj

Six Lessons Learned from Going Serverless — Some serverless tools, tips, and tricks one developer wish he knew at the start.

Dan Van Brunt

Coherence API: A New Remote Function Platform — A new serverless platform supporting Python 2/3 and .NET Core 1.0 and 2.0. It plays on a similar ‘call a remote function as if it were local’ theme to Stdlib.


How to Build an Alexa Skill on Azure Functions — Building for an Amazon product doesn’t mean you have to use Amazon’s serverless platform. This tutorial shows how to do it all with C#.

Brian Dunnington

Building a Serverless App with MongoDB

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Hello World: Creating Functions using Fission in Go — An introduction to using Fission Functions and creating a serverless function with Go.

Timirah James

'Serverless' CQRS using Azure Event Grid

Duncan Edwards Jones

An Introduction to Serverless Microservices

Mike Anderson

eBook: A Roundup of Managed Kubernetes Platforms

Codeship sponsor

Bringing Tokusatsu to AWS using Python Flask, Zappa and Contentful — Basically a tutorial on building and deploying a Python app to AWS Lambda and using a third-party CMS.


A Lambda@Edge Function to Prerender CloudFront-Hosted Single-Page Apps

San Francesco