#42 — March 9, 2018

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serverless status

Serverless by The Numbers: 2018 Report — Some ‘cold hard numbers’ on serverless use from Serverless, Inc. HTTP event types and Node.js rule the day, but the use of Python and Go is growing fast.

Andrea Passwater

Comparing AWS Lambda Performance: Node, Python, Java, C#, & Go — C# and F# on .Net Core 2.0 are the performance winners here, but since the code being benchmarked is essentially just “Hello World”, it’s more a benchmark of function invocation time than of the runtimes generally.

Yun Zhi Lin

Monitoring AWS Lambda Performance — Track function latency and errors—then put it all in context with data from 200+ techs across every layer of your stack. Gain real-time performance insights and set intelligent alerts with Datadog. Try it free.

Datadog sponsor

An Introduction to WebtaskWebtask is a serverless platform from Auth0 that lets you build low volume HTTP endpoints for free and has a handy online editor for your functions.

Raymond Camden

Announcing Gloo: A Function Gateway — Built on top of Envoy Proxy, Gloo provides a unified entry point for access to both services and serverless functions. GitHub repo.

Idit Levine (solo.io)

Serverless Workarounds for CloudFormation's 200 Resource Limit — AWS CloudFormation has a limit of 200 resources per stack.

Alex DeBrie

Securing Serverless: A Newbie's Guide

Jeremy Daly

Monitoring Amazon RDS with Percona Monitoring and Management

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Serverless and OpenFaaS with Python Workshop Materials — You can, however, follow along for yourself using it as a tutorial.

Alex Ellis

Building a Serverless Real-Time Chat App with AWS AppSync — It’s AWS but with no Lambda! AppSync is AWS’s fully-managed GraphQL service.

Adrian Hall and Ed Lima

Pro Tip for Your First Pipeline: Managing Build Versions in GoCD

GoCD sponsor

Latest Episode of the 'Think FaaS' Podcast — A brief weekly serverless/FaaS podcast from Forrest Brazeal and Jared Short of Trek10.

Trek10 podcast