#41 — March 2, 2018

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Kelsey Hightower: I’m starting prototypes using a pure serverless approach then migrating “functions” to containers when I need lower latency or constant throughput for long periods of time.

Running APIs Written in Java on AWS Lambda — AWS’s new Serverless Java Container library acts as a proxy between Lambda runtime and Java frameworks and pretends to be a servlet engine.

Stefano Buliani

Four Continuous Delivery Metrics that Improve Your Pipeline — This blog is based on our user research with developers, operations teams, business stakeholders, and people at every intersection of DevOps.

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Serverless Security: What's Left to Protect? — FaaS often delegates the responsibility for maintaining infrastructure and applying security updates to a third party, but app security issues remain a direct threat to developers.

Guy Podjarny

▶  Deploying an OpenFaaS API with Docker Swarm — Fancy the benefits of serverless function deployment but still on servers you control? This 5 min video covers running OpenFaas on Digital Ocean and deploying with Docker Swarm.

Michael Herman video

Using PowerShell in Azure FunctionsPowerShell is considered an ‘experimental language’ by Azure Functions but you can absolutely create serverless functions with it today.

Brian Bunke

Creating a Blazing Fast Microservice with Go and AWS Lambda — The tale of rewriting a micro-service from Kotlin to Go.

Remy Chantenay

How to Build a Serverless SMS Hub in Under 7 Minutes — With Node.js, StdLib, and MessageBird.

Jacob Lee

▶  Deploying a Serverless GraphQL API — Uses AWS Lambda and Apollo Engine. 17 minutes.

Sashko Stubailo video

▶  Serverless APIs with Azure Function ProxiesAzure Functions Proxies makes it easy to bring together multiple Azure Functions into more complex APIs.

Microsoft Channel 9 video

Monitoring Tools for Serverless and Lambda

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go-lambda-ping: Deploy a Lambda to Ping a Site in 20 Seconds

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