#40 — February 23, 2018

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The CNCF's New Serverless Whitepaper

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), a group that manages Kubernetes and that was founded by companies like Google, VMware and IBM, have begun taking steps towards serverless computing with the release of a fantastic report.

Their analysis digs deep into what serverless is, use cases, examples of its use, tools and services, etc. and is well worth checking out.
— Peter Cooper, editor of Serverless Status

AWS Serverless Application Repository Released — An attempt by AWS to create an ecosystem of serverless apps and components that can be easily brought together and hosted on their services. It’s now open to both consumers and providers.

Jeff Barr

Reduce the Risks Of Continuous Delivery and Deployment 📦 — Continuous Delivery brings a lot of benefits, but deploying to production can be filled with uncertainty. Reduce risks with the right culture, architecture, and tooling to deploy earlier and more often. Download the free guide.

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Serverless Ops: What Do We Do When The Server Goes Away? — As DevOps and operations engineers, serverless provides new and exciting opportunities but will lead to uncertainty in our roles. What do we do when the server goes away?

Tom McLaughlin

LambStatus: A Serverless Status Page System — A server status page system built for use on AWS Lambda. Supports specifying scheduled maintenance times too.

Kishin Yagami

Express.js and AWS Lambda — A Serverless Love Story — Most Node devs will have built an Express app before, but what about taking it serverless? Claudia is a tool to help do just that.

Slobodan Stojanović

Differences Using Cosmos DB in Azure Functions V1 and V2

Justin Yoo

MySQL In the Cloud: Migration, Best Practices, High Availability, Scaling

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Containers Won The Battle, But Will Lose the War to Serverless — An interview with Simon Wardley, a researcher of IT ecosystem developments.

Forrest Brazeal

When to Use Serverless, and When to Use Kubernetes?

Niklas Heidloff

How Can Serverless Computing Benefit Startups?

Rohit Akiwatkar

Four Continuous Delivery Metrics that Improve Your Pipeline

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chatfireServerless: A Serverless Chat Backend on Firebase — .. and Firebase Cloud Functions.

Abi Global Health

Chromeless: Chrome Automation Made Simple — A browser automation library that can control Chrome running locally, or remotely and serverlessly on AWS Lambda.


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