#39 — February 16, 2018

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Applying the Twelve-Factor App Methodology to Serverless Apps — The Twelve-Factor App methodology is a collection of best practices for building modern, cloud-based service-driven apps, but how could these ideas be adapted for the serverless world?

Amazon Web Services

Running a Scalable, Reliable GraphQL Endpoint with Serverless — GraphQL is a novel query language that lets you provide rich data services from a single endpoint. Rigging up such an endpoint with the Serverless framework, Lambda, and DynamoDB is covered in this thorough tutorial.

Siddharth Gupta

Best Practices for Right-Sizing Your Aurora Footprint — Learn best practices Percona implemented when right-sizing Lookout’s Aurora footprint. Watch the recording now.

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How To Build A Notification That You Won't Hate — Burke finds normal notifications a “DoS attack for your brain” but has built a neat lightbulb effect using Node, Azure Functions, and Azure Logic Apps to flash when he’s mentioned in a tweet.

Burke Holland

Azure Serverless Computing Cookbook [PDF] — A 334 page book on building serverless apps using Azure Functions. Note: If the direct PDF link doesn’t work, you can get the book via this registration wall.


Optimizing the Performance of Node Lambda Functions with MongoDB

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Azure Previewing New 'Run From Zip' Feature — Lets you run a function app by simply pointing Azure Functions to a ZIP file you’ve created of your code.

Microsoft Azure

How to Deploy a Serverless Machine Learning Microservice with AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, and scikit-learn

Patrick Michelberger

The Problem of Cold Starting Lambdas — Unfortunately ‘cold starts’ can make your serverless functions seem unduly slow. Aaron’s eventual workaround is an intriguing one and involves his app making a pre-emptive HTTP request to ‘warm up’ a function.

Aaron Cordova

Some Approaches to Optimizing AWS Lambda Costs

Andrei Popescu

Sharing Secrets with AWS Lambda Using AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store

Amazon Web Services

What’s Coming Next After the Codeship/CloudBees Acquisition

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▶  Building Reliable Serverless Apps with the Saga Pattern and Fn Flow — Creating a fault-tolerant serverless app on the open-source Fn platform.

Thom Leggett (Oracle) video

▶  Discussing Serverless and OpenFaas with Alex Ellis — Alex is the founder of the OpenFaas project, a framework for building serverless services around Docker and Kubernetes.

Scott Hanselman podcast

riff: A FaaS for Kubernetes — Another entry in the FaaS space, riff makes use of Kubernetes. See Kesley Hightower’s tutorial here.


Building Serverless State Machines — A look at how state machines, and state in general, is applied in the serverless world.