#38 — February 9, 2018

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Hi folks. A bit of a change in the design department this week. We want to give a richer experience here and inject a bit more personality from time to time, so we've got a more flexible layout now. Enjoy!

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— The Serverless Status Team

▶  (1hr) Serverless: State of The Union — Technical Evangelism Lead at AWS, Ian Massingham shares his thoughts on the current state of serverless. Related slidedeck.

AWS DevDays Nordics

Getting Started with Serverless Go(lang) — A well-presented, thorough introduction to getting started building Go-based apps on AWS Lambda using the Serverless framework’s Go boilerplate. This is no bare-bones intro as it digs into hooking into AWS DynamoDB too.

Yos Riady

Monitoring AWS Lambda Performance — Track function latency and errors—then put it all in context with data from 200+ techs across every layer of your stack. Gain real-time performance insights and set intelligent alerts with Datadog. Try it free for 14-days.

Datadog sponsor

▶  (46m) Confusion in the Land of the Serverless — A talk packed with answers to uncommon serverless questions on areas like security, vendor lock-in and more.

Sam Newman

How to Decide When to Use Serverless“The question isn’t whether you should leverage serverless computing, but when you should start.” — Vince Power looks at which factors to consider when deciding whether serverless can help you to deploy your app.

The New Stack

Serverless is the New PaaS“if AWS has anything to say about it, serverless will become the preferred approach for PaaS-style functional requirements”

Stephen O'Grady

Continuous Delivery with GoCD on Chef

GoCD sponsor

IBM Cloud Functions Introduces 'Templates' for New Apps — IBM releases a set of templates (which are more than just source code) for Cloud Functions to help jumpstart new apps.

Belinda Vennam (IBM)

Performance Debugging for Serverless Functions using the IBM Cloud Shell — A good look at how IBM Cloud Shell renders performance information for serverless functions.

Rodric Rabbah

Setting up Daily AWS DynamoDB Backups using the Serverless Framework

Eryk Warren

The Curse of Dead Lambda Functions — Unused ‘cold’ functions can cause security and management problems. Clean them up with list-lambdas, which we linked last week.

Nitzan Shapira

How To Reduce the Risks Of Continuous Delivery

ROLLBAR sponsor

Deep Learning on Lambda: Architecture and Performance — A series of notes from a recently deployment of Deep Learning models on AWS Lambda.

Lex Toumbourou

Going Serverless: Converting Yield.IO to AWS and Lambda — The tale of converting a single page site to using AWS Lambda.

Chris Baus

SLAppForge: A New Browser-Based IDE for Building Serverless Apps

SLAppForge Lanka