#​289 — July 20, 2023

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AWS Fargate Enables Faster Container Startup with Seekable OCI — Running apps on AWS ECS? Fargate can now leverage Seekable OCI - a way to deploy and scale out faster by enabling containers to start without waiting to download the entire container image.

Donnie Prakoso (AWS)

AWS Lambda Recursive Loop Detection: Prevent Functions Running in a Recursive or Infinite Loop — AWS now has a (recently added) recursion control feature that can detect and prevent Lambda functions from running in an infinite loop. Steef-Jan runs through some things to be aware of.

Steef-Jan Wiggers (InfoQ)

Serverless Database Caching at the Edge — PolyScale.ai is a fully autonomous distributed database cache at the edge. Supporting both TCP and HTTP, accelerate reads and lower global latency with Cloudlare Workers, Vercel, Deno Deploy or Netlify.

Polyscale sponsor

Build Your Own FaaS: Self-Host 'Cloudflare Workers' and JavaScript Functions on Fly․io and Everywhere — A step-by-step guide to create and deploy a complete Function as a Service architecture you can host on your private resources. The workerd engine that Cloudflare uses to power its Workers platform sits at the heart of the approach.

Giuseppe La Torre

Serverless Applications in Kubernetes with WebAssembly — How you can deploy serverless applications in your Kubernetes clusters by way of WebAssembly.

Rafael Fernández


▶  How to Build a Production ML System with only Python on Free Serverless Services — Namely Hopsworks, Streamlit, and Modal.

Professor Jim Dowling

Decoupling Event Publishing with Amazon EventBridge Pipes — Building event-driven apps? This post shares why you may want to look at replacing app code with serverless integrations as a way to “improve the resilience of your application and provide a clean separation between application logic and system dependencies”.

Gregor Hohpe

Three Reasons Why Teams Move Away from AWS Lambda — Jonathan shares why teams may move away from AWS Lambda to “lower-level computing abstractions” and how you can migrate smoothly to functions running on Amazon EKS.

Jonathan Michaux (The New Stack)

AWS SAM Pipelines: Effortless Serverless Application Deployments — A ‘quickstart’ guide to AWS SAM Pipelines and how to use them to simplify your CI/CD workflows.

Alan Blockley

Alerting with Grafana and InfluxDB Cloud Serverless — A look at how to combine these two platforms to provide an efficient, scalable and customizable tool for real-time data monitoring and alerting.

Anais Dotis-Georgiou (The New Stack)

Monolith Does Not Always Equal “Bad”
Deepak Goel