#​290 — August 3, 2023

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Common Costly Serverless Mistakes and How to Avoid them — You’d think that the serverless ‘pay as you go’ approach would help you keep costs down in most situations, but there are still stumbling blocks you can run into, particularly around unexpected costs and not keeping track of things.

Yan Cui

Understanding AWS Lambda’s Invoke Throttling Limits — Explains the most common invoke throttling limits and the relationship between them, so you can better understand scaling workloads on Lambda and avoid any 429 “Too Many Requests” problems.

Archana Srikanta

Boost Your Signal-To-Noise Ratio with Sym + AWS Lambda — Protect internal tools, databases, and safe listed IPs with Slack-based approvals, programmable guardrails, and logging with Sym's AWS Lambda integrations.

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Python 3.11 Runtime Now Available in AWS Lambda — Amazon’s maintenance of its Lambda runtimes has come under scrutiny in the past year, but Python gets a little TLC with this upgrade. You can now build and deploy functions using Python 3.11 using all the usual mechanisms, or use the Python 3.11 container base image if you prefer that approach. As well as pushing out the EOL horizon, Python 3.11 is also around 25% faster than 3.10 so you may save a few milliseconds here and there too.

James Beswick (AWS)


▶  The Business of Serverless — An hour-long chat with serverless expert Yan Cui (and already featured up above) covering serverless vs containers, microservices, cost analysis, and even some context on Amazon Prime Video’s architectural change from a strictly serverless approach.

Tech Conception

Cloudflare Workers Database Integration with Upstash — Upstash is continuing to become a big deal in the world of serverless Redis and Kafka, following up its partnership with Vercel with another with Cloudflare meaning it’s now easier than before to use Upstash Redis, Kafka and QStash inside your workers.


Understanding AWS Lambda Proactive Initialization — AWS Lambda warms up your functions, such that 50%-85% of Lambda sandbox initializations don’t increase latency for users. This article helps define so-called 'Proactive Initialization', observes its frequency, and helps you identify invocations where your cold starts weren’t really that cold.

AJ Stuyvenberg

▶  SST Explained in 100 Seconds — According to a recently-concluded multi-year study, the average amount of time devoted to any written article is a shade over 72 seconds. For about that amount of time (plus a bit, of course) you can learn everything you really need to know about SST, a framework for building full-stack apps using serverless AWS technologies.


Introducing samp-cli for Local Lambda Debugging of SAM and CDK Stacks
Lars Jacobsson

Improving Performance of AWS Serverless Applications with CQRS
Collin Smith

Serverless and Event-Driven Design Thinking
Jimmy Dahlqvist

▶  Further, Faster with Azure Functions and Azure SQL Integration
Drew Skwiers-Koballa