#​288 — July 6, 2023

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Are We Getting Infrastructure All Wrong in The Serverless Era? — Thoughts on the line between infrastructure and business logic when looking at serverless architectures. Jeremy Daly had 🐦 some (very extensive) thoughts on the matter on Twitter.

Yan Cui

Implementing AWS Well-Architected Best Practices for Amazon SQS — A three-part series covering best practices for using Amazon's robust message queue system, including ‘operational excellence’, security and reliability, and performance, costs and sustainability.

Makvana & Vasa (AWS)

The Easiest Way to Get Low Latency Database Reads — PolyScale.ai is a distributed, serverless database cache with a fully autonomous caching engine. Implement in minutes to accelerate reads and lower global latency for Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB or MS SQL.

PolyScale.ai sponsor

Serverless to Monolith: Should Serverless Lovers Be Worried? — You may recall back in May that Prime Video announced a move away from serverless over to a monolithic approach. Daniel reflects on this — and his piece generated plenty of chatter on Hacker News too.

Daniel Galati

GreptimeCloud Public Tech Preview: A Serverless Prometheus? — A Prometheus (as in the open-source monitoring system) solution being offered as a serverless, time-series database that integrates with GitOps-enabled alerting and dashboarding.


Building a Multi-Tenant Functions Platform with OpenFaaS — Alex shares a look at what it takes to build a functions platform (that’s OpenFaaS, in his case) for multiple tenants based upon their experience/insights from customers.

Alex Ellis (OpenFaaS)


IP to Timezone: The 30 Second Way (on Netlify) — If you’re using Netlify’s Edge Functions, there’s a straightforward way to grab the user’s location right at your fingertips.

Remy Sharp

Build a Serverless Application for Audio-To-Text Conversion — Using Amazon Transcribe and AWS Lambda to build an audio-to-text conversion application written in Go.

Abhishek Gupta

How to Deploy Your Existing Containers to OpenFaaS — Run existing containers alongside your functions.
Alex Ellis (OpenFaaS)