#​287 — June 22, 2023

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The Elusive Lambda Console: A Specification Proposal — Written in Node.js and stemming from a Ruby-related serverless integration tool, Lambda Console is a universal, language agnostic, open specification CLI for any AWS Lambda runtime to adopt — here’s the repo.

Ken Collins

Workers KV, Faster Than Ever with a New Architecture — Cloudflare is in the middle of its “Speed Week” and Workers is getting some love too. The Workers KV key value store is getting a dramatic boost to its cold read performance and latency with no changes needed by end users. Ironically, the solution is.. more servers 😁

Burnett and Lovich (Cloudflare)

Cloudflare has also released a case study of how Kinsta used Workers and Workers KV to significantly improve cache hit rates.

Dynaboard: AI Meets Low-Code to Get More Done, Faster — Build high performance authenticated web applications in a collaborative — full-stack — development environment.

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No, You Don't Need to Test Every Line of Your CDK Application — An insightful read from Yan with some good points here on infrastructure, cost benefits, and the distinctions between governance vs testing.

Yan Cui

▶  Building Production-Ready Lambdas with Node.js — Plenty of wisdom and experience is boiled into this 40 minute talk.

Luciano Mammino


Using AWS SAM to Run MediaInfo at Scale — Working with a large number of media files in S3? This look at how to build an SAM-based app to run MediaInfo – a metadata viewer for media files – on S3 objects at scale may be of interest.

Ostovarpour & Weigman (AWS)

How to Create a Multi-Region Node.js Lambda API — …using Serverless Framework and pairing it with a serverless multi-region CockroachDB database.

Paul Scanlon

Testing Step Functions: How to Skip Time When Testing Timeout and Wait States
Yan Cui

Using PlanetScale with Serverless Framework Node.js Apps on AWS
Matthieu Napoli (PlanetScale)


💛 We love this one..

Val Town: If GitHub Gists Could Run, and AWS Lambda Were Fun? — A fascinating idea that rapidly seems to be turning into a useful, long-term service. Write tiny bite size functions and Val Town runs them in V8 isolates, connects them together, lets you schedule them, or serves them up over HTTP. It’s clever, free, and absolutely worth a look.

Steve Krouse