#​285 — May 25, 2023

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☁️  Serverless updates from Cloudflare's Developer Week 

Last week, Cloudflare made a slew of announcements during its Developer Week. Here are the headlines you should know about:

Secrets Store: Cloudflare’s Secrets Management Offering — A new, in-beta, way to manage your application secrets. Workers has had support for secrets for a long time, but Secrets Store offers more flexibility and the ability to use secrets across multiple functions and services.
Dina Kozlov

Announcing connect(): A New API for Creating TCP Sockets From Cloudflare Workers — Despite Workers' use of V8 isolates, Cloudflare has found a way to open up functions to making outgoing TCP connections through a special API. This makes it possible to connect directly to third party databases, opening up a lot of new use cases.
Irvine-Broque and Silverlock

Modernizing the Toolbox for Cloudflare Pages Builds — A new beta build system is now available for Cloudflare Pages. A lot of dependencies have been updated too.
Greg Brimble

Dynaboard: A Low-Code Web App IDE Made for Developers — Build high performance public and private web apps in a collaborative — full-stack — development environment.

Dynaboard sponsor

How Cloudflare is Powering the Next Generation of Platforms with Workers — A look back at why Cloudflare created the enterprise ‘Workers for Platforms’ recapping the problems it solves and the new features now available. Essentially it's a white-label FaaS for SaaS businesses.
Disidore and Sharma

Improved Local Development with Wrangler and Workerd — Wrangler v3 is out now – the first version of Wrangler with local-by-default development. It’s powered by Miniflare v3 and the open-source Workers workerd runtime.
Coll and Murray

Cloudflare Queues: Messages At Your Speed with Consumer Concurrency and Explicit Acknowledgement
Burnett and Wheeler

Smart Placement Speeds Up Applications by Moving Code Close to Your Backend — No Config Needed — For both Workers and Pages Functions.
Hart, Shah-Simpson and Sharma

The S3 to R2 'Super Slurper' is Now Generally Available — Quickly copy objects from S3 to an R2 bucket of your choice. Sounds tasty.
Jones and Schneider

Using LangChainJS and Cloudflare Workers together — LangChain has announced LangChainJS Support for Cloudflare Workers. This post shows you how to build a sample application.
Ricky Robinett

⚡️  ...in other, non Cloudflare, news

PostgresML Raises $4.7M for Serverless AI DatabasesPostgresML is an open source Postgres-based platform that enables performing modern machine learning related tasks (training models, working with vectors, performing inference) within SQL.

Montana Low (PostgresML)

Introducing CockroachDB Dedicated on Azure, On-Demand Global Clusters, & More — CockroachDB is now available as a dedicated service on Microsoft’s Azure, and you can now distribute data across multiple cloud regions with new multi-region capabilities in CockroachDB serverless.

Goldman & Zikibayeva (CockroachDB)

How to Build a Serverless Discord Bot with OpenFaaS and Go — A serverless chat bot? Don’t bots need to be long running processes? No, it’s possible for them to be stateless and triggered by events, and Alex shows us how to rig one up with Go atop the OpenFaaS platform (itself written in Go).

Alex Ellis

Deploying Serverless Generative AI on AWS Lambda with OpenLLaMa"What if we could create a scalable, serverless LLM Generative AI inference engine? After some experimentation, I discovered that not only was it possible, but it actually worked quite well!"

Sean Bailey

Using Plop to Improve the Serverless Development ExperiencePlop is a JS-based boilerplate manager and project generation tool.
Lee Gilmore

A Step-by-Step Guide to Cross-Account and Cross-Region Events with EventBridge
Antonio Lagrotteria

AWS Announces Improved End-to-End Latencies for Amazon EventBridge Event Buses

On Retiring the AWS Documentation on GitHub
Jeff Barr (AWS)