#​284 — May 11, 2023

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It's rare that the entire serverless community is discussing a single article, but this week one topic dominated everything: one division of Amazon explaining how, maybe, the serverless approach wasn't quite for them.. 😁

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Scaling Up the Prime Video Audio/Video Monitoring Service and Reducing Costs by 90% — An announcement from the Prime Video team back in March revealed plans to move away from a distributed microservices architecture over to a monolithic app in an effort to help “achieve higher scale, resilience, and reduce costs”. This news recently got picked up again, most notably by DHH (of Ruby on Rails fame), and as you might expect elicited plenty of commentary within tech circles, some of which we’ve shared below.

Marcin Kolny (Prime Video Tech)

Even Amazon Can't Make Sense of Serverless or Microservices — After famously moving 'beyond the cloud', David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) of 37signals shares some strong thoughts on how the well intentioned theory of serverless doesn’t match the reality in many cases.


Build Advanced Workflows 10x Faster, Without Fighting APIs — n8n is the leading automation platform designed for technical individuals. With n8n, you can build workflows using JavaScript for maximum flexibility or effortlessly connect apps through a drag-and-drop GUI when simplicity is preferred.

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🎥☁️  Prime Video moves beyond serverless?

Is Serverless Overpriced? What Can We Learn From the Prime Video Team? — Yan takes a balanced look at what we can take away from this move, and answers a few common questions that have sprung up as a result.
Yan Cui

What Happens When Amazon Rolls Back From Serverless? — When it comes to serverless, or any approach to architecture, Luca notes that there is no true “one size fits all” method.
Luca Bianchi

Serverless at AWS: An Opinion on the Recent Backlash — “what I took from Amazon Prime’s article is a confirmation of principles I have been preaching for a while
Mario Bittencourt

So Many Bad Takes: What is There to Learn From the Prime Video Microservices to Monolith Story
Adrian Cockcroft

Au Revoir, Serverless Cloud? Ampt Now Ready for Production Serverless Cloud Apps — The in-beta dev platform Ampt (spun off from Serverless, Inc. last year) is now ready for production Serverless Cloud apps, meaning you can now migrate away, along with their data, storage and parameters into Ampt.

Jeremy Daly (Ampt)

Serverless Speed Test: Comparing Lambda, Step Functions, App Runner, and Direct Integrations — Allen pits Lambda, direct integrations, synchronous express Step Function workflows, and App Runner against each other to see which is fastest and which scales the best.

Allen Helton

Building FaaS in Go with WASM, WASI and Rust — There are a lot of moving parts here, but the idea is showing how you could create a simple serverless platform, of sorts, in Go that could run modules written in any language that can target WebAssembly.

Eli Bendersky

A Boilerplate and Starter App for Node.js Serverless Apps — Leans upon Serverless Framework, Express, TypeScript, Prisma, Husky and more to provide a lot of functionality out of the box.

Remi W.

Announcing Private API Support for AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs

Add Hotlink Protection to Web Fonts with Netlify Edge Functions & Deno
Sidney Alcantara

Strategies for a Faster Lambda Development