#​281 — March 31, 2023

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S3 As An Eternal Service — AWS Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr notes that 17 years since its inception, Amazon’s S3 now “effectively has to exist until the heat death of the universe”.

Corey Quinn

Improved Node.js Compatibility Coming to Cloudflare Workers — Unlike AWS Lambda, say, the popular Cloudflare Workers platform uses V8 isolates to operate at a lower level rather than offer a full Node.js runtime. This means support Node features has been lacking, but things are changing with support for AsyncLocalStorage, EventEmitter, Buffer, assert, and parts of util now available to use with more to follow.

James M Snell (Cloudflare)

Like Redis Caching, but in < 5 Minutes — Create a low-latency, global database cache without writing code. No need to define data structures or eviction policies. Automatically determine optimal TTLs and invalidate stale data. Start caching, faster.

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Neon's Edge-Compatible Serverless Driver for Postgres — Neon is a multi-cloud ‘serverless Postgres’ platform, but one problem with certain serverless function platforms is their inability to make direction connections over TCP to services like Postgres. What to do? Use HTTP instead. Neon now offers this for V8/Node users in the shape of a node-postgres replacement that uses WebSockets instead.

George MacKerron (Neon)

Scaling Serverless Postgres: How Neon Implements Autoscaling
Em Sharnoff (Neon)


Streaming for Serverless Node.js and Edge Runtimes with Vercel Functions — A overview of how Vercel handles streaming for serverless Node.js environments, and how this can boost performance.

Lydia Hallie

Why AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store Still Reigns Over Secrets Manager — Although Secrets Manager is newer with advanced features, SSM Parameter Store is preferred by developers due to its affordability, simplicity, and flexibility.

Yan Cui

Spin 1.0: The Developer Tool for Serverless WebAssembly — This is the first stable release of Spin, a new open-source developer tool for building, distributing, and running serverless apps built with WebAssembly.

Radu Matei

Using AWS Lambda SnapStart with Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD Pipelines — AWS Lambda SnapStart lets you reduce cold starts by caching an encrypted snapshot of an initiated Lambda function (on the Java runtime only for now) and reusing that snapshot for subsequent invocations.

Michele Ricciardi

15 AWS Lambda Use Cases
Guillermo Ojeda