#​282 — April 13, 2023

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Chris Brandrick, your editor

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Supabase Edge Runtime: Self-Hosted Deno Edge Functions — This self-hosted solution for deploying Deno (an alternative V8-based JavaScript runtime that isn't Node.js) functions is now open-source. Still in beta, but usage is encouraged. May tread on Deno Deploy's toes a little but also broadens the ecosystem around Deno hopefully.

Perera & Parameshwaran (Supabase)

Announcing WCGI: WebAssembly + CGI — This new tool from Wasmer enables devs to run WebAssembly compiled functions in a CGI-like style in a sandboxed environment. "This innovative technology has the potential to reshape the landscape of serverless applications," they say. What's old is new again?

Michael Bryan

😁 I find this particularly interesting because an early quip about the idea of 'serverless' was how it felt like a return to the CGI era (here's such an example), so maybe we're going to be able to finish drawing the circle after all?

Build Complex Automations 10x Faster, Without Fighting APIs — The workflow automation platform for technical people who want to build complex workflows faster. With n8n, you can build workflows using JavaScript when you need flexibility. Or quickly connect apps with a drag n’ drop GUI when you don’t.

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Introducing AWS Lambda Response Streaming — AWS Lambda now has support for response payload streaming — a new invocation pattern that lets functions progressively stream response payloads back to clients which also opens up the opportunity to go beyond the usual 6MB response payload limit.

Julian Wood

❇️ Aaron Stuyvenberg shared a quick look at this new way to stream data from AWS Lambda functions, and Yan Cui looks at how this new features enables us to return large payloads from a Lambda-backed API.

Thundra Ceases Operations — We’re not sure of the full story, but a key player in the serverless monitoring space appears to be going away. Someone on Twitter suggests they were acquired.


Are Serverless Services Worth It? — Preaching to the converted here admittedly, but Allen outlines a few trade-offs worth keeping in mind when discussing serverless.

Allen Helton


"Pain Points I Faced Using Serverless" — The author shares a few challenges they encountered while working with a serverless stack on AWS Lambda (around execution times, variable sizes, etc).


How to Stream File Uploads to S3 Object Storage and Reduce Costs — How to upload files directly from a Node.js app to both improve availability and reduce costs.

Austin Gil

Lessons Learned from Making a SaaS Completely Serverless
Kevin Martin Jose

What Happens When You Leak AWS Credentials, and How AWS Minimizes the Damage
Tibor Hercz